Golden Triangle Connectors Groomed
Between Whitecourt and Swan Hills and
Whitecourt and Fox Creek!

Golden Triangle Connectors are groomed and are in great shape with lots of snow! Each section is approximately 120kms (1 way). Great way to spend a day riding. Whitecourt to Swan Hills we have the Carson Cabin Rest Area (Sponsored by Jason Thomas Enterprises) and from Whitecourt to Fox Creek we have the Gundy Cabin Rest Area (Sponsored by Trimline Design) and then the Trappers Cabin close to Fox Creek.
A big thank you to our trail cleaners who have been out 3 times on the Carson to Letter O section. Many trees down. You may want to take a chainsaw in the event you have to cut through. Our snow cat operators were out for 3 days grooming – THANK YOU, GREAT JOB! The trail to Swan Hills was spectacular on the weekend. Many riders out riding the connector.
Thank you to our Municipal Partners in the Golden Triangle Consortia – Town of Whitecourt Woodlands County Big Lakes County Town of Swan Hills MD of Greenview and Town of Fox Creek A very big thank you to our Snowmobile Clubs who maintain the trails and groom them – Whitecourt Trailblazers, Fox Creek Northland Sno-Goers and Swan Hills Snow-Goers.
Don’t forget about our Golden Triangle – 2022 Iron Sledder Challenge – Join us this winter in participating in all 3 of the Rallies on the Golden Triangle and then you get to pick 1 other ASA Rally in Alberta and you will become an IRON SLEDDER (You must show proof of registration at an ASA Rally – picture of registration or other proof). Please register at one of the first 2 Rallies – Fox Creek or Whitecourt and we will keep track for you. There will be a sign up sheet at the Rally and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to message us or you can speak with the organizers at the Rallies. This is a promotion to celebrate sledding on the Golden Triangle but also sledding in Alberta. Are you the next Iron Sledder? For more information please contact Cindy @jcbbrook@gmail.

At Letter O – Half way.

Gang at the Carson Cabin