South Trail System is still very low on snow. Trail is ridable south of Groat road but thin on snow. Trails were cleared of all fallen trees but recent windstorms have likely downed more on the trail. Also creek crossings have not been filled with snow. Use extreme caution if riding trails until we get some more snow.
Don Price
South Trail System Director

NE Trail System: East of hiway 32 and north of the Athabasca river:Trail cleaning was completed late this fall and at that time all fallen trees were cleared from the trail. Since then we have had a few major wind storms so it is likely there are a few downed trees across our trails. Snow conditions are poor at best however people are still venturing out onto the trail systems. Caution is advised as low snow cover has not covered up low lying hazards and trail grooming has not started yet. Watch for fallen trees on the trail.
Dave Bradley
NE Trail System Director

NW Trail System: Repairs made to creek crossings East of the Gundy Cabin on the Golden Triangle & South of Highway 43 on the Manweiler Trail after the large amount of rain washed away the banks this past summer. Also a new creek crossing at Carson Creek on the Carson Trail near Pipeline Hill due to the trail being washed away. A huge thanks to all volunteers that helped out during trail cleaning in November. The trails are all ready, we just need snow.
Chet Brewster
NW Trail System Director