Trail Report -November 20,2020
TRAIL CLEANING: We are still trail cleaning. Most trails have been cleaned, but there are a few that have to be accessed with more frost and sleds.
SNOW: We received about 4-6” on the south side with some areas getting more. The north side – Hwy 32 up to Swan Hills has next to nothing. We did not get the snow the past couple of weeks that other areas received.
HAZARDS: There are many hazards – water and deep quad ruts up to 12” deep. It is not recommended to sled until we get more snow. All waterways and creeks are not frozen. We have many trails with creek crossings.
GROOMING: When we get more snow, about 16-18”, we will start packing and filling areas. We have guys going out and packing trails and creeks this past week on sleds.
TRAIL PASSES: Annual Trail/Day passes can be purchased at IGA, First Choice Truck and Car Wash, Whitecourt Service Centre, RPM Powersports, and Adrenaline Powersports. Also available on our website:
We will post our Trail Report on Thursdays. It’s pretty early for sledding, but hopefully we can get out in a couple of weeks. Here’s to wishing for more snow!!! Kids – We need some more snow dancing!!
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