IT SNOWED!!! There is approximatly 18” of snow on many parts of our trail system. 

The trails will be officially open by the weekend, as well as both staging areas. PLEASE RIDE WITH CAUTION 

Caution is still advised with the early snow conditions there are still a lot of leaning trees and weak trees along the trail that could fall with more snow. Trails may be rough and unpredictable given the low snow.

Please use Extreme Caution when crossing water including rivers, lakes, ponds and streams

Final Preparations are being made on the Snow Grooming Equipment, grooming will not start until we receive more snow. 

The trail behind Millar Western has eroded to the point of not being able to get the groomer through this season, we are reviewing a few options on how to groom the flats road connector trail. We are also working with the Town to make that trail safe to open to snowmobile traffic.

Next General Meeting is Dec 9th @7:30 Downstairs at the Legion