TRAIL CLEANING/MAINTENANCE: Ongoing, we are almost finished trail cleaning. CAUTION ON THE GOODWIN TRAIL AND SUMMIT TRAIL – We have taken out 2 log bridges and will not be replacing them, but will be filling with snow, please be aware. Caution signs placed by the areas

SNOW: We have received 2-4″ of fresh snow the past few days. South side is seeing approximately 6-12″ in various spots. Snow is deeper towards Ocelot Road and Shiningbank Lookout. Snow on the north side is variable as well – Gundy Cabin reporting up to 8″, but closer to town and towards Carson Cabin is 4″.

HAZARDS: There are many hazards – waterways (creeks, muskeg etc) and deep ruts. Waterways are not completely frozen. We need more snow to fill these areas. If you are riding, please ride the outsides of trails to help with packing.

GROOMING: No grooming at this time.

STAGING AREAS: Gates are closed at this time.TRAIL PASSES: Annual Trail/Day passes can be purchased at IGA, First Choice Truck and Car Wash, Whitecourt Service Centre, RPM Powersports, and Adrenaline Powersports. Also available on our website: www.whitecourttrailblazers.ca50/50

FUNDRAISER:Don’t forget to help support us in our online 50/50 cash draw. The 50/50 is currently at $3700 sold. Please support us – 10 more days left to purchase tickets.