We are still in a deep freeze, but the future is bright!  It looks to be quite a bit warmer the second week in January.  The trails that are groomed are holding up well, due to the fresh snow and cold temps.   

SNOW:  18″-24″ on the trails.  

GROOMING:  South Side needs to be filled from the Summit Cabin up to Tom Hill.  North side not filled #9 to Carson Lake.  South Side Grooming:  Bessie and Manweiler Trails are holding up.  The Snowcat will be heading out to groom the Goodwin, Groat and Summit Trail.   North Side Grooming: Eagle Staging area via Eagle Trail to the Athabasca Lookout to the Casino and back to the Staging area has been groomed.   Please get out and ride and this will help to pack our trails.   The Golden Triangle from the Carson Cabin to Letter O has not been filled or groomed.  

HAZARDS:  The Golden Triangle has been re-routed from Carson Cabin to Eagle River Casino to Manweiler Trail and to the Gundy Cabin.  Please use caution when crossing the trails where industry is or has been.  All temporary closures will be during the week and we will post the closure in advance.  From the GUndy Cabin to Letter K the trail is closed due to industry.  Please use caution on large water bodies as they are not frozen.   Check on our social media for updates before heading out. 

STAGING AREAS:  The staging areas will be graded for the