We have received no new snow this past week.  Trails in the south are holding up.  Trails in the north have skinny snow; however, there is more snow to the north east after the Carson Cabin.  We have between 6-12″ on the trails.  Both of the Staging areas are open.  

Trail Maintenance/Filling:  South Trails: All trails have been filled except the trail from south of the Summit Cabin (Summit Trail) to Tom Hill Tower area. North: All the trails have been filled other than Chickadee Burner to the Athabasca and the Golden Triangle section north of the Carson Cabin-Letter L to O.  The trail up to the Gundy Cabin via Gundy Trail was mowed and is rough. 

Grooming:  No new grooming.  We are waiting for more snow. 

Hazards:  Please be cautious of lower snow levels on the trails due to ruts; they can be rough riding.  Large water bodies are not frozen.  Please be cautious for signage and re-routing on the trails in the north and the south this coming winter.  We have made many changes with flattening some hills, widening, mowing and mulching various trails.  Multiple re-routing/bypasses have been completed; please watch for signs or ribboning.  Please stay on trails due to logging in areas.  

Dec 30, 2022 – North Trail