Trails are still in rideable shape, with what seems to be an early Spring in the Whitecourt area.  We received a few inches of snow over the last week but with the warm temperatures they have definitely shrunk.  Trails are packed and bumpy in areas.  After last week’s winds, the trees have been cleared on the Manweiler, Summit and Goodwyn trails.  Trails in the north have not been cleared, so beware.   Conditions before this snow, were Extreme Late Spring Conditions with dirt spots exposed rocks and debris. Again the trails are very hard and icy in places, if you are riding please use EXTREME caution. Please use extreme caution when crossing water areas including rivers, lakes, ponds and streams.

People are still out enjoying the trails and warm weather.  We have had a few pictures and stories that there is snow out there and fun to be had.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Day passes are still available at the Whitecourt IGA, First Choice Husky Truck and Car Wash, Kanata Travel Plaza, Adrenaline Powersports and RPM Power Sports.