IMG_06731Vice President Ken Linford @ Gundy Cabin last weekend

The non-groomed trails are officially open. Warm weather expected for the next week.  Snow is  better on the north and west trails.  The south trails have many hazards existing on the trail (not enough snow), it is recommended to stay away from the Summit area.  Both staging areas are open.  PLEASE RIDE WITH CAUTION.  Caution is still advised with the present snow conditions, leaning and weak trees exist on the trails.  Trails may be rough and unpredictable given the low snow.

Please use extreme caution when crossing water areas including rivers, lakes, ponds and streams.

We will groom when we receive more snow.

The Trail behind Millar Western is not passable, please do not use.

Don’t forget to get your trail/day passes.  $70 before January 1, 2016, after $80.

Enjoy the warm weather.  It sure isn’t helping to keep snow.  We need snow like they are getting in Whistler the next 7 days 55-115″.