RIDING RECOMMENDATION: Riding is not recommended. If you are riding, please use the WHOLE trail, not just the center area
TRAIL CLEANING: We are finished, thanks to the many volunteers out there
CONDITION OF TRAILS: Trails are in poor condition due to lack of snow (about 4″ on average) and the trails are very rough.
HAZARDS: Numerous hazards on trails associated with low snow levels. All waterways, creeks and muskeg are not frozen. Anyone crossing the McLeod or the Athabasca River near their confluence, needs to use extreme caution. New erosion control structures have changed the currents and thus ice formations in a big way.
GROOMING: Trails have not been groomed yet, due to low snow levels.
STAGING AREAS: Eagle River & Groat Creek Staging Areas are locked and not open to the public.
USE CAUTION: Please beware, that we have industry working in the south and north in various locations.
MEMBERSHIPS: Don’t forget to buy your Trail or Day Pass prior to going out. Your support helps us to groom and maintain trails.