Due to the lack of any new fresh snow the trails in the south are currently in poor condition. With many dirt spots, rough and uneven spots. Travel to the south is not suggested until we get some more snow.

Trail Conditions on the trails north of town are listed as fair condition. The north received more snow in the beginning and is now in better shape because of it. Caution is still advised with the early snow conditions there are still a lot of leaning trees and weak trees along the trail that could fall with more snow. Trails may be rough and unpredictable given the low snow.

Please use Extreme Caution when crossing water including rivers, lakes, ponds and streams. Some of these smaller water spots may look frozen but may have rotten ice due to the recent warmer weather.

Final Preparations are being made on the Snow Grooming Equipment, grooming will not start until we receive more snow. 

The trail behind Millar Western has eroded to the point of not being able to get the groomer through this season. A meeting was held between the Town of Whitecourt, The Whitecourt Trailblazers and Miller Western and it was decided that the trail will be closed for the season. This is due to the erosion and the unpredictable way the river is eroding the bank at this spot. We apologize for the inconvenience but it was deemed a hazard that could not be contained. The Town and the Trailblazers are discussing possible other routes from downtown to the trail system, and we will keep you updated as a solution is found.

Next General Meeting is Jan13th @7:30 Downstairs at the Legion

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