A special thank you to our Snow Cat Sponsors – First Choice Truck and Car Wash, Strydhorst Enterprises and the Town of Whitecourt who have graciously given to help us out with our cats.  Our snowcats operate 24/7 and are equipped with amazing lights, but you still need to beware when they are on the trails.  We like to work in the early hours when it’s colder and less traffic on the trails, but they can be out working anytime. 

We have amazing operators who tend to work long hours when they do get out and at a slow pace between 4kms/hr to 8kms/hr, therefore, it can be a long day.  Thank you to our operators – Don Price, Richard Picard and Derek Rooks.  We are lucky to have skilled operators who take very good care of the snowcats throughout the winter and summer months.  Thank you to our very handy Dave Newbury who helped us out tremendously this past summer with the major work completed by Prinoth.  Thank you to Town of Whitecourt for our permanent storage shed and Woodlands County for storing the cat in the winter.