Thank you to Nick Slootweg who was one of the original members with the Club and was very involved for over 25 years.    He purchased a Trail Pass in 1980, attended meetings and became involved right from the start. Nick started with the Trailboss position in 1982 (1st recorded minutes), memberships, Director in the 1990s and then was the Trailboss again in  1997, and 2000-2004.  His bride Joan, came on board in 1990-1993 as the Club Treasurer, prior to Elaine G.  She worked with Glen Kingdon who was the President at the time and Dale Gunderson who was Vice President.  Joan helped her board immensely.  She was the driving force, she had great ideas and plans for the Club.  Joan liked to help with the entertainment and Nick would join in.  Joan also became involved in the Golden Triangle Consortia with Glen, but found it too much to volunteer with the Trailblazers as well as the Golden Triangle.    She later went on to do publicity for the Club.   As with all Executive positions,  they were involved in most of the events and activities in the Club with rallies, hill climbs, oval, drag and grass races, lots of trail cleaning, Jamborees, fundraisers, parties and rides.  

Nick and Joan took a few years off from sledding, as Nick had hip issues and needed to mend.  They are now back out on the trails in the winter and they enjoy riding their bikes in the summer months.   Thanks Nick and Joan for your dedicated volunteerism with the Whitecourt Trailblazers.  Hope to see you on the trails this upcoming season.