Thank you to all of those folks and their crews, who Adopt trails every year.  They pick the day and time when it works for them, which in turn helps us so that we can focus on those trails that are not adopted.  Thanks to the crews that went out this fall and earlier this month:

Don Price
Derek Rooks, Verne Taylor
David MacLeod, Dave Newbury, Jeff Brooks, Andy Sierens, Denis Blain, Richard Picard
Doug, Shaun and Shayne Hay and Grandsons
Chet Brewster et al
Darrell Strebchuk, Brent MacDougall and Liam
Cole and Dave Bradley
Darrell Grenier et al
Trevor Kenyon et al
Kyle Soderquist et al
(apologies if your name was not added – thank you)

There are always a couple fellows who go above and beyond with cleaning a majority of the trails.  A big thank you to 
David MacLeod

Dave Newbury
Don Price
Derek Rooks

In addition, we always have signage and other fixes along the trails.  Thanks to those folks who miraculously make that happen. Lots of time spent on ordering, checking things out and then organizing the activities to make them happen.  Thank you all.  We had lots of work completed on the trails from repairs, to mulching to re-routing the past 6 months and we thank those crews that worked hard on those – Dave Newbury, David MacLeod, Richard Picard, Don Price, Derek Rooks, G. MacRitchie Forestry Services and Strydhorst Enterprises.  Did you know, annually, we log over 1500 volunteer hours on our trails?

 We appreciate it when people let us know if something needs repairing or removing.  Thank you to the unsung folks that help along the way with picking up a broom, picking up garbage, a tree or debris on the trail is removed and so much more.  You are appreciated.