This is a thank you to all of our historians and collectors from the past 40 years that have collected items – pins, jackets, vests, badges, trophies, plaques, kept newspaper and magazine articles, made scrapbooks, gave us pictures, made photo albums, built a website, added pictures and information to the website, kept copies of the minutes and housed past records. It’s because people have taken the time to ensure that we have historical information, recorded information and memorabilia from the past, that we are able to share some stories with you all.

It’s our 40th Anniversary this upcoming season and we want to remember the amazing trails our volunteers built, but also we want to remember the people who made the club what it is today. We are able to share those stories from our preserved history, so thank you to so many people.

Edith Vanberg who was a volunteer, started collecting club items, awards, articles and pictures in the 80’s and 90’s. Not only was she the Historian, but she was a big part of the volunteer base for the rallies, parades, races, fundraisers and other events that the Trailblazers hosted. Thank you to Karen and Alex Manweiler, Leo and Hazel Zelinski, Ken Linford, Dan Guenette and Elaine Gunderson who collected and kept records, minutes and pictures. Thank you Aaron Munro for housing the boxes for so many years. Thanks to Elaine Gunderson and Leroy Roth for spending a summer scanning everything into our website. Thank you to Malinda Brewster who set up the website and still maintains it. Thanks to the guys for going out every year delivering and collecting our Cabin Guestbooks that we have for visitor stats and some great riding comments. We love hearing about your experiences on the trails.

The Trailblazers website has a “History” tab that we have pictures, newspaper articles, trophies/awards, guest books and other great information from the past 40 years. Check it out. In the “About” section we have our current information about our Executive, ASA Membership Pass Info and a condensed timeline. In addition, in the book published by the Whitecourt & District Heritage “Whitecourt, A History – 1975 to 2010”, we have a huge section in there with Trailblazer History – thanks to all the people that gathered the information for that. At Adrenaline Powersports, we have a Trailblazer Memorial Cabinet with many Club treasures in it.

Thanks to everyone who has helped preserve our history!! Look for scrapbooks, photo albums and other Trailblazer memories at our upcoming 40th Anniversary Sled Invasion, Family Day Weekend, 2020. We hope to see some of our past Executive and members come help us celebrate 40 great years of sledding!

Edith Vandberg, Club Historian