A special thank you to our current President, Roxanne Brown who is committed to providing the dependable leadership of the Club that we are use to, as with our past Presidents. She is our first lady President, but that does not worry her. She has dove in and has welcomed all the new expectations of the President position. She is excited about the upcoming season and helping with the planning of our 40th Anniversary Sled Invasion, 2020 Family Day Weekend. She is learning all in the ins and outs of managing the Club. We want to say THANK YOU ROXANNE for your determination, and unwavering ability to step in and your enthusiastic drive.

Roxanne, as a kid, sledded a bit in Hinton. She was re-introduced to sledding through Derek Rooks, her partner about 6 years ago. She has embraced the sport and is known to sled almost every week, even in the -30c + cold. Derek and her have put on many kilometers in the past few years, mostly around Whitecourt and on the Golden Triangle. Roxanne is always looking to increase her riding skills and is interested in completing her Avalanche Safety AST 1 Course this upcoming season, with plans to explore and ride in the mountains more.

Roxanne and Vice President Jordan Forseille are a great welcome to the Club Executive. They have many ideas to increase awareness of the Club and trails. It will be an exciting year to have a younger perspective on what the younger generation is looking for.

Thanks again Roxanne!

Click on the Trailblazers You-Tube Link below and catch some of Roxanne and Jordan’s video. We hope to bring video clips throughout the season about the Executive, trails and upcoming events!