Thank you Glen Kingdon, a Whitecourt Trailblazer founding member. Thanks for your efforts in getting the Club organized, founded and operating. Your volunteer hours over the 4 decades – 70’s, 80s, 90s, 2000s are appreciated and recognized by the Club and snowmobile world. We are very thankful for your commitment and volunteerism for snowmobiling in Whitecourt, the Province and Country.

In the late 1970’s, conversations of an organized Club began. The Trailblazers Club was formed in the 1979 and 1980 season. In the 1980/81 season, 34 families had memberships and during that season the Trailblazers were recipients of the ASA Snowmobile Club of the year. In November, 1981, members of the Club met with the Alberta Forestry, who would help develop the trails to connect the 3 Communities – Fox Creek, Swan Hills and Whitecourt. The Forestry also committed to constructing a staging area, known today as Eagle River Staging. Construction of trails and the area began in 1982. It was also stated at that time, that a network of trails would be developed off the main trails, when money became available or allocated by the Government.

In the 1980/81 Season, 43 memberships (including families) were sold for $15.00 ($5.00 went to the ASA). 63 Memberships were sold for the 1981/82 Season. The 1981/82 Executive consisted of President – Leo Zelinski, Vice President – Frank McHugh (ASA Zone Rep), Secretary/Treasurer – Grant Mollberg, Trail Boss- Glen Kingdon, Social Director – Ernie Osinchuk, Director – Ron Webster and Director-Mark Watson. As Trail Boss, Glen began developing the maps and working with the Forestry on the trails.

Glen held other positions on the board, including Director from 1980 off an on until 1990 and then was President in 1991-1993 and 1996-2001 . He worked on all the Trailblazer events (rallies, fundraisers-Snowarama, drag and oval races, hill climbs interprovincial rides, provincial rides (BC)), Club parties, work parties and behind the scenes for many years (late 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s). He was a part of the development of the trails, Eagle shelter, OHV Bylaw to ride in town, Whitecourt – Snowmobile Capital of Alberta designation, many ASA Jamboree’s, Golden Triangle System development and many other projects in Whitecourt. During Glen’s volunteerism, many accolades/awards for the Club were given to thank him and other volunteers such as the ASA Club of the year, Ski-Doo New Generation National Club of the Year and many other awards from the community and A.S.A.

As a part of the ASA Jamborees decades ago, snowmobile floats were built for the annual parade. For the 1986 ASA Jamboree in St Albert, a snowmobile parade on the river was planned and the Trailblazers built a float that would get recognized for many years. The design of the float had to be incorporated and driven by a snowmobile. Glen designed a 3 part float which was made of donated and scrounged materials-plywood and flexible panelling curved to look like an old fashioned coal train. The train had an engine, coal car and caboose and with the help of Alex and Cyril the ASA Express was constructed. The Train was impressive and won the prize for the most original design. The train was driven at many other local and out of town parades promoting the ASA and the Club.

In 1992, Glen was nominated for Snowmobiler of the year through the Alberta Snowmobile Association and given the CCSO National award. He has many accomplishments with the ASA: 1 year as Chairperson of the ISC, 1 year as Co-Chairperson, 1 yr as Co-Chairperson of the Western Chapter of the ISC, 11 yrs on the Executive of the ASA, 5 years as President of the ASA and many years on the Executive of the Whitecourt Trailblazers.

A big part of Glen’s success was his wife, Jan, she was a large part of the Trailblazers throughout his volunteer time. Beside most of our male volunteers, many of the wives are involved in the Club just as much. Thanks Jan for all your support with the events, organizing and helping Glen with his jobs. Glen and Jan thank you for all your countless hours in helping to develop and shape how the Trailblazers look today as a club, but also the trails, staging area, Club’s reputation and honour. Thank you for your participation, guidance, input and knowledge into the Alberta Snowmobile Association, Canadian Council of Organized Snowmobile and the International Snowmobile Council. We thank you and appreciate you for everything you have done for the sport and our community.

George Vanberg, Glen Kingdon and Doug Hay