2021 Great Outhouse Challenge

Congratulations to the Schulte Family of Whitecourt for winning our Great Outhouse Challenge – Alana, Sean, Madison and Eddy, such great sports on their adventures. They visited many outhouses on the trail system as well as visited others. Congratulations and thank you for submitting your pics and participating in the event. They also rode with another family group -Vaders who visited many outhouses as well. We LOVE your pics and thanks for sharing your adventures!!! They were awarded with a “Outhouse Basket full of toilet paper, cleaner, hand cleaner, toilet brush, Coffee Gift Card and Candy Gift Card”. We thought it was fitting for our crazy season.

#greatouthousechallenge #wcttb2021 #goodtimes
Groat Creek Staging area 4x (4 different days)
Groat Creek Canyon Lookout 2x (2 different days)
Goodwin Lake
Summit Cabin 4x
Eagle River Staging Area
#9/ #10
Carson Lake Cabin
Athabasca Lookout
Shining Bank Lookout
Tom Hill Tower
McLead River (Woodlands) outhouse near Hard Luck Creek,
Caroline, AB – Burnstick Lake Outhouse
Robb, AB – Lovett Staging Area Outhouse
Clemina Creek Cabin Outhouse
Allen Creek Cabin