The Whitecourt Trialblazers Snowmobile Club has TWO (2) staging Areas.

Eagle River Snowmobile Staging area located 10 kms NorthWest of Whitecourt approximately 1.5 kms north of the Hwy #42 and Hwy #32 Junction on Highway #32 towards Swan Hills.  Large parking area commplete with snowmobile load ramp, warm-up shelter, washrooms and direct access to trail system. Approximately 12 kms to Carson Lake Warm-up Shelter  (east) and 35 kms to Gundy Rest Area & Warm-Up Shelter (west). Also direct access to Golden Triangle Trial System.

Groat Creek Snowmobile Staging area located 18 kms South of Whitecourt on Highway #32 towards Edson. The Staging area is located in the group campground area and includes a temporary snowmobile load ramp, warm-up shelter, washrooms,  and direct access to trail system via the new Groat Creek Canyon Trail. Approximately 12 km ride to the Summit Warm-up Shelter. Also direct access to Silver Summit trail.

Tons of  “off-trail powder” riding within minutes of both staging areas.  2 – 3 ft of powder along thousands of miles of cutlines, pipelines, and old roads. Please use these designated parking areas that have been designed and are for snowmobile use, in order to not interfere with ongoing resource industry work in the area (logging and oilfield operations).  The industry in the Whitecourt area is extremely busy and if your vehicle is parked on a lease or logging road it may be towed away or removed without notice, if it is in the way of the industry operation.