Thank you to the Whitecourt Chamber of Commerce for holding the Santa Claus Parade. It was a great night and so many floats and volunteers worked so hard. GreAt job everyone. A special thank you to SLH Picker Services (Bill) for hauling the snow cat and drag, Ken Adams for letting us decorate in his shop and to Jamie- our special pilot. Thanks so much to all of I our decorating crew and our President- Roxanne who honked the horn in the snow cat and made sure everything was safe as it was running. The most important thank you is to our Robertson family who handed out candy and had so much fun saying hi to everyone.
After the parade we had SLH, Brads Picker Service piloting and the RCMP assisting to get the cat to it’s winter location. We are one step closer to getting the snow cat out on the snow doing its thing!!!!!
Do the snow dance!!!! We want to ride!!