Thank You to Our Snow Cat Sponsors and Operators


A special thank you to our Snow Cat Sponsors – First Choice Truck and Car Wash, Strydhorst Enterprises and the Town of Whitecourt who have graciously given to help us out with our cats.  Our snowcats operate 24/7 and are equipped with amazing lights, but you still need to beware when they are on the trails.  We like to work in the early hours when it’s colder and less traffic on the trails, but they can be out working anytime. 

We have amazing operators who tend to work long hours when they do get out and at a slow pace between 4kms/hr to 8kms/hr, therefore, it can be a long day.  Thank you to our operators – Don Price, Richard Picard and Derek Rooks.  We are lucky to have skilled operators who take very good care of the snowcats throughout the winter and summer months.  Thank you to our very handy Dave Newbury who helped us out tremendously this past summer with the major work completed by Prinoth.  Thank you to Town of Whitecourt for our permanent storage shed and Woodlands County for storing the cat in the winter.

A Positive Leader – Roxanne Brown – Club President


Roxanne Brown has been the President of the Club since April-2019 and is an integral part of the Whitecourt Trailblazers.  She has been riding for many years.  She loves sledding around Whitecourt and exploring off trails.  Roxy enjoys riding in the mountains, checking out other trails in Alberta and seeing what other Clubs are doing to promote sledding.  Roxanne has a very positive attitude which has helped guide our group through many ups and downs with industry, COVID implications and mother nature related issues.  This gal has certainly stepped up to the position while excelling in promotions and marketing snowmobiling and her willingness to learn and try new things.  Thank you Roxanne for your ongoing volunteerism with the club, you are appreciated.  

What a Wonderful World


Yes, In our Back Yard

You never know what you will see on your adventures and what or who you will meet.  That is why we love riding and exploring.  It was a great weekend on the trails, lots of activity, new friends to meet and old friends to chat with again.  Getting out is what it is all about.  Thank you to everyone who makes this happen on our trails.

Picture Courtesy of Marcy Cooper
Picture Courtesy of Marcy Cooper
Groat Creek Staging Area

Thank You to All involved in The Golden Triangle Promotion


The Golden Triangle received a Grant from Travel Alberta this past December.  The Grant will be used to market and promote The Golden Triangle Trail with the Whitecourt Trailblazers, Swan Hills Sno-Goers, Fox Creek Northland Snow-Goers Clubs and our 6 funding municipalities Towns of Whitecourt, Fox Creek and Swan Hills and Counties of Woodlands, Big Lakes and MD of Greenview. 

We have been working with Seekers Media and SnoRiders West to develop a promotional package to include digital footage, photos and blogging/story telling via social media, websites and marketing.  The promotion will become live 2 weeks from production.  This past weekend, we had the crews attend Whitecourt, Fox Creek and Swan Hills to acquire footage and information to develop the promotional packaging.   

Thank you to all the Clubs and all the volunteers that made this promotion happen.  We are excited to share our trails and stories that come with developing, maintaining, grooming, promoting and managing the trail systems.  Our communities and businesses are a special part of our trail systems; without the support of our communities our trails would not exist. 

Locally: A special thank you to the Town of Whitecourt and Woodlands County for making this happen.  Your support is definitely appreciated and recognized by the Whitecourt Trailblazers.   Thank you to the Western Budget Whitecourt 1 https://www.facebook.com/Western-Budget-Whitecourt-1-2-105432011061553/ for donating the hotel rooms for the crew on Saturday night.   Brothers Diner https://www.restaurantji.com/ab/whitecourt/brothers-diner-/ also let us invade the restaurant so we could shoot footage of having breakfast and discussing the trail itinerary for the day-thank you for donating the yummy breakfasts.  Thank you to Dave Turcotte, Jace and Jerren, Cindy and Jeff Brooks for being “extras”. Thanks to Jeff for the use of a sled and helmet for the filming crew.  

Thank you to our “Talent”  Mel and Dale Tonsi for agreeing to be in the promotion for 3 days on The Golden Triangle, it will definitely be a memorable experience for them.  The crew (Jim, Paul, Mike and Tim) were super to work with and we look forward to seeing all the footage and stories to go along with the promotion.  Stay tuned.

Jace and Jerren
Enjoying hot chocolate after our long day



A big thank you to our Season Facilities, Trails and Snow Cat Sponsors.  There are always those little things that make a big difference at our rest areas and points along the trails.   These partnerships are more than just the sponsorship – they support us and our community in so many other ways.  We value our partnerships with these organizations – THANK YOU! 


Town of Whitecourt


Carson Cabin: Jason Thomas Enterprises

Gundy Cabin: – TrimLine Design

Summit Cabin: GMacRitchie Forestry Services & TriJet Enterprises


Athabasca Lookout: Canfor

Goodwin Lake Lookout: Canfor

Groat Creek Lookout: Westfraser

Shiningbank Lookout: Westfraser


Alberta Newsprint Company

Town of Whitecourt


Strydhorst Enterprises

First Choice Truck & Car Wash

Town of Whitecourt



Thank You Note from Dave Newbury


Thank You from Dave Newbury

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me after I received the CCSO Award. With so many dedicated volunteers I am honoured and grateful to be selected.

There have been many people who have helped and showed me the “Ropes”, I cannot acknowledge everyone, however the following individuals are at the top of my list.

As our Past President, Dan Guenette was so helpful and left a huge void when he left, always available to make decisions and suggestions. Our interactions started when I coached him in minor hockey.

Alex Manweiller was the ultimate instructor/guide on trail grooming, no one knows this work like Alex.

David MacLeod is always there to help on trail work or if he is working keeping “tabs” on me.

Cindy Brooks is always available to answer questions and/or find answers, no one puts more time and effort into the Trailblazers than Mrs. B.

Last but not least, I have spent the majority of my trail time with the kid from the south side Don Price. We have spent many summer/winter days trail cleaning. There has been a number of times when encountering huge amounts of trees we would comment “Are we trail cleaning or logging and where are the young guys?”

One cannot commit to volunteering without a dedicated partner, Peg and I have 58 years in and when leaving for a day on the trails I get a nice lunch and yes, a quick kiss and “Be careful out there”. I am not totally quitting, but have turned the cat keys over to a very dedicated and competent individual Richard Picard, who will be a fine keeper of the north side trails. I will still be volunteering and perhaps pulling the “levers” if required as long as the “Lord is willing and the river does not rise”. Dave Newbury

Thank you to Dave for all the kind words and we thank you for your dedication to the Club and the Community. Volunteers are a vital part of every community and we would not have many activities, opportunities, medical equipment, basic needs for many people or connections without them. VOLUNTEERS YOU ARE COMMUNITY!!!!

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