Thank You Note from Dave Newbury


Thank You from Dave Newbury

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me after I received the CCSO Award. With so many dedicated volunteers I am honoured and grateful to be selected.

There have been many people who have helped and showed me the “Ropes”, I cannot acknowledge everyone, however the following individuals are at the top of my list.

As our Past President, Dan Guenette was so helpful and left a huge void when he left, always available to make decisions and suggestions. Our interactions started when I coached him in minor hockey.

Alex Manweiller was the ultimate instructor/guide on trail grooming, no one knows this work like Alex.

David MacLeod is always there to help on trail work or if he is working keeping “tabs” on me.

Cindy Brooks is always available to answer questions and/or find answers, no one puts more time and effort into the Trailblazers than Mrs. B.

Last but not least, I have spent the majority of my trail time with the kid from the south side Don Price. We have spent many summer/winter days trail cleaning. There has been a number of times when encountering huge amounts of trees we would comment “Are we trail cleaning or logging and where are the young guys?”

One cannot commit to volunteering without a dedicated partner, Peg and I have 58 years in and when leaving for a day on the trails I get a nice lunch and yes, a quick kiss and “Be careful out there”. I am not totally quitting, but have turned the cat keys over to a very dedicated and competent individual Richard Picard, who will be a fine keeper of the north side trails. I will still be volunteering and perhaps pulling the “levers” if required as long as the “Lord is willing and the river does not rise”. Dave Newbury

Thank you to Dave for all the kind words and we thank you for your dedication to the Club and the Community. Volunteers are a vital part of every community and we would not have many activities, opportunities, medical equipment, basic needs for many people or connections without them. VOLUNTEERS YOU ARE COMMUNITY!!!!

National Volunteer Week


Thank you to all of our incredible volunteers that put in many hours in our Club on the trails, facilities, events, fundraising, organizing and managing. We have over 2700 recorded hours of volunteer work this past season. We know that we have other folks that help us out on the trails as well and we appreciate it when you take the time to help.

Congratulations Dave Newbury on National Award


“Outstanding Groomer Operator of the Year”

 Congratulations Dave Newbury for your National Award from the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organization (CCSO).  In 2020, Mr. Newbury was nominated by the Whitecourt Trailblazers Club and won the Outstanding Groomer of the Year from the Alberta Snowmobile Association.  The ASA then forwarded the award to the National level and he was awarded the prestigious National Award for his outstanding volunteer efforts.  

Mr. Newbury has been a volunteer with the Whitecourt Trailblazers since 2009.  Prior to joining, he was having a friendly conversation with Mr. Ken Linford and was asked what he was up to – Dave’s response was “nothing”.  Ken asked him to come trail cleaning and he has been our super volunteer ever since.  

Mr. Newbury is an integral part of the Trail Maintenance and Grooming Team. Dave can be found on the trails throughout the year on any given day. Dave loves the great outdoors and would love to live in a cabin in the woods, if Peggy would move with him. Monthly, we keep track of our recorded volunteer hours for funding and other stats. Amazingly, we have a separate column in our report just for Dave. He volunteers on an annual average of over 300 hours (he reports on), but we know it is well over +400 hours. He works on the trail system installing signs, benches, repairing sheds or working on the snow cats, club truck or any other items that need attending too. Dave is one of our handymen. He can fix pretty much anything. Not only is he really good at fixing, but he is a well organized and a detailed man. He takes a lot of pride in what he does and wants to always do it well and by the book.

Dave is not new to volunteering. For over 50 years, he was involved in Minor Hockey in many capacities, coaching, on the board, a past president, a part of the senior’s hockey, Senators and refereed and for a number of years. A passion of his as well, he has been involved in golf and was an avid golfer for many years. For a few years, Dave has been riding and fundraising for the Ride to Conquer Cancer – a 200 km bike ride in southern Alberta. Thank you Dave for your community involvement! On behalf of the Trailblazers THANKS so much for EVERYTHING! you do for us. Over and above all the time!!

Thank You to our Local Businesses for Selling Trail & Day Passes


Thank you to our generous local businesses for selling ASA Annual passes for us.

Adrenaline Powersports
First Choice Truck & Car Wash
IGA – Whitecourt
RPM Powersports Ltd
Whitecourt Service Centre

Thank You to our Spot A Sponsors Participants and Sponsors


2022 Spot A Sponsor Challenge

Thank you to all of our participants over the winter months who captured a picture in front of our sponsor signs. We want to also thank everyone who takes pictures throughout the winter months along the trails, at the cabins, other special locations and then shares them on our social media. We love seeing people enjoying the great outdoors in the winter and especially having fun on our trail system.

Congratulations to Derek Rooks who submitted 6 pictures at 6 different sponsored locations and 2nd place goes to Brett Brooks who submitted 5 pictures at 5 different locations. In addition, we have an honorable mention to the Schulte and Vader groups who consisted of 22 riders and visited 3 sponsored locations.

Please feel free to share pictures at any time, we would love to share them with our readers. Please send to info@whitecourttrailblazers.ca.

SPECIAL THANK YOU to our sponsors who are very generous with their sponsorship, but also donated many wonderful items for our prizes. Not only do these sponsors give so kindly to our sponsored locations, but they also help us throughout the year and have done so for many years. Thank you to you all for your overwhelming generosity.
Whitecourt Tourism Whitecourt Millar Western Forest Products Blue Ridge Lumber JT Enterprises, GM MacRitchie Forest Services, Kim Strydhorst Strydhorst Enterprises, Trijet Services, First Choice Truck & Car Wash, Trimline Signs

2022 Spot A Sponsor Challenge

Don’t forget to start visiting all of our sites for the “Spot a Sponsor Challenge”.  The challenge is a contest to visit all of our sponsored sites, take a pic and enter to win prizes.  Challenge goes until March 30th.  You can register at info@whitecourttrailblazers.ca
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