Congratulations Dave Newbury on National Award


“Outstanding Groomer Operator of the Year”

 Congratulations Dave Newbury for your National Award from the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organization (CCSO).  In 2020, Mr. Newbury was nominated by the Whitecourt Trailblazers Club and won the Outstanding Groomer of the Year from the Alberta Snowmobile Association.  The ASA then forwarded the award to the National level and he was awarded the prestigious National Award for his outstanding volunteer efforts.  

Mr. Newbury has been a volunteer with the Whitecourt Trailblazers since 2009.  Prior to joining, he was having a friendly conversation with Mr. Ken Linford and was asked what he was up to – Dave’s response was “nothing”.  Ken asked him to come trail cleaning and he has been our super volunteer ever since.  

Mr. Newbury is an integral part of the Trail Maintenance and Grooming Team. Dave can be found on the trails throughout the year on any given day. Dave loves the great outdoors and would love to live in a cabin in the woods, if Peggy would move with him. Monthly, we keep track of our recorded volunteer hours for funding and other stats. Amazingly, we have a separate column in our report just for Dave. He volunteers on an annual average of over 300 hours (he reports on), but we know it is well over +400 hours. He works on the trail system installing signs, benches, repairing sheds or working on the snow cats, club truck or any other items that need attending too. Dave is one of our handymen. He can fix pretty much anything. Not only is he really good at fixing, but he is a well organized and a detailed man. He takes a lot of pride in what he does and wants to always do it well and by the book.

Dave is not new to volunteering. For over 50 years, he was involved in Minor Hockey in many capacities, coaching, on the board, a past president, a part of the senior’s hockey, Senators and refereed and for a number of years. A passion of his as well, he has been involved in golf and was an avid golfer for many years. For a few years, Dave has been riding and fundraising for the Ride to Conquer Cancer – a 200 km bike ride in southern Alberta. Thank you Dave for your community involvement! On behalf of the Trailblazers THANKS so much for EVERYTHING! you do for us. Over and above all the time!!

Trail Report – March 18, 2022


Trail Report March 18, 2022
Trails are in excellent shape. Please use our staging areas to trailer to avoid in town trail deterioration. We have had lots of people riding and the trails are super to ride. We have had above 0c temps in the day and below 0c at night. There are icy patches beginning with some bare patches – spring riding.
Grooming: We will not be grooming due to warm temperatures. We groomed last week and the trails are holding up well.
Hazards: North Side: Reminder of the Golden Triangle Re-route from Carson Cabin to Athabasca to Casino to Manweiler and Virginia Hills trails. Gundy Trail (Golden Triangle Section) to Hwy 32n is closed. South Side: The trail heading to the Airport has been re-routed with ribbon and signs, please slow down as there is active logging in the area. Please use caution around the Carson Cabin as we have a pile of trees to be bucked up for firewood. In addition, please use the existing trail East of the cabin as the new re-routed trail is bare/without snow and will be rough. Be cautious on all waterways- large and small. You are crossing at your own risk and our trail ends at the banks.
Staging Areas: Groat Creek Staging and Eagle Staging areas are open
Golden Triangle Trail System from Whitecourt to Fox Creek and Swan Hills is in excellent shape!

Trail Report March 3, 2022


We have had fresh snow 3-5″ this week. Trails have all been groomed since the Rally and the cooler temps have been great for the trails. The Silver Triangle Route (excluding the section closed due to the pipeline construction) is open to ride and has been groomed.

Grooming this week: South Side-The Summit to Tom Hill, South Manweiler and Bessie trails are groomed. All of the south trails are in great shape. North Side – Carson Lake Trail to Carson Cabin down to Athabasca Lookout, Casino trail, to Chickadee Burner over to Athabasca River then back to Chickadee Burner up to Manweiler North to Gundy Cabin to Virginia Hills. North trails are in super shape as well.

Staging Areas: Groat Creek and Eagle River Staging Areas open

Hazards: South Side-Please be cautious along the Airport Fence line as there is active logging in the area. North Side – Golden Triangle Re-Route (Gundy Cabin to Hwy 32 n) is closed, please use the re-route from the Virginia Hills to Manweiler south to the Eagle River Casino across the highway to the Athabasca Lookout to the Carson Cabin. Always take caution on small and large waterbodies, you are crossing at your own risk and our trail ends at the bank.

The Golden Triangle is in great shape! Be sure to check our website for any updates at www.thegoldentriangle.ca

Cut block windblown on the south side
Tom Hill Tower – South side
Summit Cabin

Rally Trail Report – February 17, 2022



We are excited for the snow! It will enhance our trails for this upcoming weekend’s rally.  The trails “are immaculate” is what one of our operators boasted.  The trails are packed with fresh snow, which by the way is suppose to fall into the weekend.  The temperatures are just perfect! Days are decent and the nights are cooler.    

Grooming – both rally routes have been groomed from the staging areas to the trails and will also be groomed Saturday night.  Please watch for snow cats.  They will start after 4:00pm on Saturday.  Snow cats run 24/7 so always be on the watch for them.   South Side – in addition the Manweiler to Athabasca River has been groomed.

Rally Staging Areas – Westward Community Centre and Eagle River Casino Parking

Hazards – Trail accesses out of town have lower snow and will be rough, please proceed cautiously. Centennial Park trail is still good.  Once you are into the Gravel pit and Airport trails they are golden.  Golden Triangle Route (Gundy Cabin to Hwy 32) trail is closed with re-route from Carson Cabin to Athabasca Lookout to Casino to Manweiler to Virginia Hills.  Pipeline crossings may be a bit rough, please watch for signs to slow down.  Remember all water crossings (large or small) may be unpredictable with our ever changing weather, you are travelling across at your own risk.  Please take extra caution on the Highway crossings on the rally routes, they are designated crossings, but vehicles may not stop.  

Don’t forget to purchase your Online Sled Raffle Tickets https://www.rafflebox.ca/raffle/whitecourttsc  through our website http://www.whitecourttrailblazers.ca/ and register for our upcoming Rally Online through our website/Eventbrite or register at our designated registrations.   The Sled Draw is Sunday at 4:30pm. Please visit our website at www.whitecourttrailblazers.ca for more information.  

Feb 17, 2022
Groomer grief

Temporary Trail Closure


Please note: Trail between K (#6) and #8 is closed, known as Pipeline Hill. The creek at the bottom is open and is a hazard. Please use an alternate route to get back to the staging area. Please use caution when crossing any of our waterways (large or small). Our trail ends at the bank and you are “at your own risk” when crossing.

Mid Week Trail Report – February 8, 2022


Come visit us, we have snow and great trails!  
Our trails are holding up very well despite the warm weather and winds.  We have a very good base and they are definitely rideable.  We have had numerous reports of great riding on the Golden Triangle connectors both North and North East sections.  In addition, snow to the south is plentiful.  

We are hosting our Rally February 19 and 20th and anticipate there will be plenty of snow.  Don’t forget we have 2 routes open to ride – north and south with staging at the Eagle River Casino and Westward Community Centre.  There is $500/day up for grabs just for registering online https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/2022-whitecourt-trailblazers-annual-family-rally-tickets-246756103147. We encourage you to purchase your registration and passes online, but we are also having manual registration at our registration sites – Eagle River Staging Area Gazebo and Westward Community Centre Gazebo.  Remember that you do not have to be there to win, your registration online automatically enters you into the cash and gift card draws both Saturday and Sunday.  We will be giving away over $5000 in cash and cards. 

Hazards:  Please do not use the Golden Triangle Trail from the Gundy Cabin to Letter K (Hwy 32).  There are signs and fencing in place to protect you from entering a pipeline construction site.  There are 5 crossings that are being worked on in that area.  Stay off the trail!  We have had reports of numerous sledders entering that trail section.  The trail was not cleaned or groomed and is rough.   Please use the alternate route from Carson Cabin to Athabasca Lookout to the Casino, Chickadee Creek and Manweiler to Virginia Hills.  PS: We are hearing there is great riding up that way.   There are 3 other crossing that are completed, but still have signage to slow down.  Please follow the signs for your protection – they are rough and may have little snow.  Thank you to the contractors who are putting snow on the crossing and packing it down.  With the warm weather, the snow may be limited on those crossings, but rideable – please take extra caution and slow down.  River crossings are at your own risk, our trail ends at the banks.  Be cautious on all water bodies – large and small creek crossings. 

Pictures taken Sunday February 8, 2022
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