The next extraordinary volunteer is Randy Matthews. Randy always goes above and beyond helping someone to fix their sled at all hours of the night, dragging a broken down sled back to the shop, or being involved with the Trailblazers in some way or another. Randy has been a member for well over 20 years.

Randy has been riding sleds for most of his life. On weekends when he was a kid, they would ride out their back door as a family – Roy, Robyn, Kelcy, Carolynn and Randy out to the Shiningbank Lookout or just ride all day in their backyard. He had is own sled at a very young age and went hard then. The family was instrumental in helping us to locate and develop the location of our trails on the south side.

Randy was involved with the Trailblazers as a young man; Roy would also come to the meetings. Randy held many positions on the Executive, Vice President, Seargent at Arms, Trailboss and President. He was President from 2001 to 2005 and was a part of the group that obtained our first Snow Cat in 2003. The group decided it was time to get our own cat, as renting one throughout the season was not an easy task. In one summer, Trailblazer members raised enough funds to match the Alberta Grant to purchase the cat. They also made the necessary arrangements to house the cat at the Town Yard. Randy was a part of many projects that the Trailblazers have done in the past.

Randy started RPM Powersports in 2001 and has always been a major supporter of the Trailblazers. He and his staff are very informative about snowmobiling on our trails, the club and repairs of sleds. RPM Powersports is a major stop for many sledders to pick up parts, equipment, ASA Trail or Day passes, Raffle Tickets or just to chat about sledding. RPM has been hosting a checkpoint for many years and they always seem to have more fun than the participants. Thanks Randy for always providing food and drinks at the stop. RPM Powersports has won Rider’s Choice Awards.

Randy goes hard! That is his motto “go as fast as I can”!! It is hard to keep up with him. He unfortunately doesn’t sled much anymore, but can be found on the trails on his KTM Bike with a Timbersled kit. He is always on the go and has guided and taught so many people how to ride, fix and have fun. He is a super guy to hang around!

Randy is also involved in the local ATV Club, which he helped to re-establish with other fellows. In addition, Randy is a part of the Vega Harescramble annually. Thanks for your community involvement and support Randy.

Randy, AKA BIG RED, Thanks for everything RPM Powersports does but also thank you and your staff for the great service, smiles and support you give the Trailblazers!