Every week we will be discussing an extraordinary volunteer who has gone above and beyond volunteering for our organization over they past 40 years. This week is our: “Dave Newbury”
Mr. Newbury is an integral part of the Trail Maintenance and Grooming Team. Dave can be found on the trails throughout the year on any given day. Dave loves the great outdoors and would love to live in a cabin in the woods, if Peggy would move with him. Monthly, we keep track of our recorded volunteer hours for funding and other stats. Amazingly, we have a separate column in our report just for Dave. He volunteers on an average of over 300 hours (he reports on), but we know it is well over +400 hours. He works on the trail system installing signs, benches, repairing sheds or working on the snowcats, club truck or any other items that need attending too. Dave is our handyman. He can fix pretty much anything. Not only is he really good at fixing, but he is a well organized and a detailed man. He takes alot of pride in what he does and wants to always do it well and by the book.

Dave was introduced to sledding in 2009. One or two years later, he was introduced to his team mate Don and they hit it off and he became a major part of the grooming team. Dave has since become one of our main guys. Dave has had a few sleds over the years and did ride, but has recently sold his trail sled. Hopefully he is able to ride again.

Dave is not new to volunteering. For over 50 years, he was involved in Minor Hockey in many capacities, coaching, on the board, a past president, a part of the senior’s hockey, Senators and refereed and for a number of years. A passion of his as well, he has been involved in golf and is an avid golfer for many years. For the past few years, Dave has been riding and fundraising for the Ride to Conquer Cancer – a 200 km bike ride in southern Alberta. Thank you Dave for your community involvement! On behalf of the Trailblazers THANKS so much for EVERYTHING you do for us. Over and above all the time!!!