Last year was an exciting year with the 2020 Invasion and our 40th Anniversary.  With this upcoming season, we are planning to host the events that we always do; however, they may look a bit different due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.  In saying that, we will have some restrictions, but we also believe this is a time to try different things that may streamline what we currently do.  We are following the recommendations that are set out by the Alberta Snowmobile Association as well as the Alberta Government.  We know that some restrictions may hinder some of your plans and ours, but with an open mind and trusting us, we will make every effort to keep people safe and still enjoy sledding.  We are doing our best and encourage everyone to get out and ride!!!!  Let’s make this year a most successful riding year with the hopes of lots of snow, not too cold and an abundance of good times.