Trail Update – March 25th


That’s a wrap folks.  We wanted to let everyone know that we had a few reports of deterioration on the trails.  In town access is nil.  Many bare spots and areas along the trails.  We do not recommend riding at this time.  If you are out, please use extreme caution.  All water bodies are a hazard, please do not cross.   We will be closing the staging areas this coming week.

Thank You to everyone for your support and we hope you all had a great sledding season.

See you on the trails next year.

Thank You To All of our Supporters


Trail Report – March 21, 2023


Trails are in great shape and holding up well.  Spring conditions are emerging with a few bare patches in lower snow areas and some south facing hills. Dirt, rocks and debris maybe present.  Please ride to the conditions of the trails.  The accesses to the trails are still in great shape (Eagle River Staging, Groat Creek, South side gravel pit and through the airport trails).

Hazards – Spring Conditions are here. We have had above 0c temperatures this past week and expecting above 0c this week.  If you are riding, please use EXTREME caution. Please use extreme caution when crossing water areas including rivers, lakes, ponds and streams.  A reminder that our trail ends at all waterways and we will not recommend crossing.  There is “Active Logging” present in our areas as well, please STOP at all signs, where indicated.   Where there is active logging there are a few bare areas as the trail may have been crossed and there will be no snow present.

STAGING: It is recommended to stage from staging areas-gates remain open at Groat Creek Staging and Eagle River Staging Areas.  Please lock up your valuables when parked, as we have had a few reports of theft).  

Iron Sledder Challenge Medalists and Participants


Some great adventures out on the trails this winter. Congratulations to all the medal winners and thanks to those who participated in the rallies and rides on The Golden Triangle this winter.

Congratulations again to our winners:

Iron Sledder – Sierra Kozak

Golden Sledder – Patricia Woodcock

Whitecourt Ride – Alyssa Leakvold

Swan Hills Rally – Debbie Westman

Fox Creek Rally – Stu MacAskill

Congratulations Alyssa Leakvold on winning Whitecourt Ride


Congratulations to Alyssa Leakvold of Whitecourt for winning The Golden Triangle – Iron Sledder – Whitecourt Ride ($250.00). Whitecourt had 41 participants ride in the virtual ride last week, in lieu of the Rally. Thanks to everyone who participated and sent pictures in.

Alyssa Leakvold – The Golden Triangle – Iron Sledder Challenge – Whitecourt Ride Winner

Thank You Woodlands County


A special thank you to Woodlands County who is a major sponsor and supporter of ours. We are fortunate to have this great partnership and we are grateful for all they have done and continue to do for the snowmobile club and riders (Local and Visitors). Luckily we are able to store our cat on their property in the winter months, utilize the Groat Creek Campground as our Staging Area, which they clear for us as well as the Eagle River Staging Area and we utilize the gravel pit and airport sections as accesses to the approximately 150kms of trails that connect to the Edson Snow Seeker’s Trail. Woodlands County is a also a major funder of The Golden Triangle and they support us with Administration. The Golden Triangle is funded by 6 municipalities with an Agreement to help support the connections between Fox Creek and Swan Hills for snowmobiling/trails and promotion.

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