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Thank you to First Choice Truck and Car Wash for you Sponsorship on the Snow Cat. Thanks to our Snow Cat Operators Don Price and Derek Rooks who work very hard and do a super job in our grooming operations. Keep up the great work! We cannot wait to get out and ride. This weekend is looking pretty fine!

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Trail Report December 30, 2021


Happy New Year Everyone! We are still in the deep freeze and unfortunately we were unable to get out the past week. The frigid temperatures did not allow us to complete all of the filling and moving of snow. The Snow Cats are out filling some of trails for the weekend today Thursday. It looks like it will be much warmer for the New Years weekend so get out, ride and enjoy!

Snow: We received an inch or two the past week for a total of 16-20″ on the trails.
Grooming: North Side – No grooming yet, but some filling has been completed: Eagle Staging, Athabasca Lookout, north to Carson Cabin. Snowcat is heading up to Virginia Hills, Pipeline hill and Carson Creek on Thursday. South Side – Filled and Groomed – Bessie, Summit and Manweiler. The plan will be to fill creeks on the Goodwin and Groat Creek Trails Thursday.
Hazards: Large waterways
Staging Areas: Groat Creek and Eagle River Staging areas open
Season Trail Closure: – Gundy to Letter K is closed for the season. Please use the Temporary trail Eagle River Casino to the Gundy Cabin to access the Golden Triangle.

Reminder to get out and buy your ASA Trail Pass before January 1 for the Early Bird Price of $80. After January 1 it goes up to $90. You can also purchase your passes on our website www.whitecourttrailblazers.ca.

ASA Membership Passes – $80 Early Bird Pricing


ASA Membership Passes
Early Bird pricing until December 31 – $80

Did you get a trail pass in your stocking? NO? Buy one this week while they are $80.00. Effective January 1, 2022 they sell for $90.00. Available at RPM Powersports , Adrenaline Powersports, First Choice Truck and Car Wash, Whitecourt Service Centre, and Whitecourt IGA or by e-transfer to mrsgundy@telus.net You can also get your ASA Membership through our website at www.whitecourttrailblazers.ca. PASSPORT PROGRAM – VISIT DIFFERENT CLUBS AND GET YOUR PASSPORT STAMPED FOR PRIZES.

Trail Report December 23, 2021


Trail Report December 23, 2021

We received a few more inches this past week and have approximately 14-18″ of snow on the trails, just in time for Christmas. It is a beautiful wonderland out there. The Snow Cats are out filling and will start grooming. Remember we have 485kms of trails, so it will take some time. The snow cats will be out for the next week or so doing the initial fill & groom. Please beware the cats run 24/7.

Hazards: Beware of large waterways as they are not completely frozen. Staging Areas: Staging areas are open.

Cabins & Outhouses: Closed and Use at your own risk as we are unable to sanitize. Please clean up after yourself. If you pack it in, pack it out.

Trail Closures: Please be advised if you are intending to ride the Whitecourt Leg of the Golden Triangle this winter of our temporary re-routing. Please use the Whitecourt Golden Triangle Re-route from the Carson Cabin to Athabasca Lookout to The Eagle River Casino/Temporary Trail to Chickadee Creek, Manweiler Trail to Virginia Hills. (Gundy Cabin will still be accessible). Unfortunately, the Gundy Trail #44 East of Cabin/Golden Triangle to the Sakwatamau/Letter K is closed for the season due to multiple industrial pipeline closed-crossings on the trail. 9 crossings are affected on our northern trails. The 5 crossings on the Gundy Trail/Golden Triangle are closed for the season. The other 4 crossings will be temporarily closed at sometime this winter. We have NOT been given any timelines, but will be notified when they are working on the crossings on the trails. We will do our best to update you when we know what is happening. Please use caution and beware of signs of speed or work being completed this coming season. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year



Wishing you all the best through the holiday season and into 2022!
We Have Snow so get out and enjoy the ride!

Santa & VP Jordan Forseille
Santa & David Turcotte
Santa & Jace
Santa and Jerren
Santa and Jessica – I think she is negotiating something. Really I am a good girl.

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