Thank You to all of our Generous Supporters and Volunteers


Thank You Alberta Newsprint Company


Thank you for your annual sponsorship of the trail from the Athabasca River to the Eagle River Staging Area.

This trail is on the Golden Triangle trail and is one of the busiest routes on the northern trail system. It is the access point to town and the throughway to the Eagle River Staging Area, Eagle River Casino, Athabasca Lookout and Carson Cabin. This trail is used by many riders throughout the season.

We are pleased to have your support on our trails, thank you Alberta Newsprint Company. http://www.albertanewsprint.com

Trail Report March 18, 2021


Spring is here. Riding is not recommended on our trails. Access to the trails has deteriorated. Staging areas are closed. See you next year on the trails.

Golden Triangle Trail System of Swan Hills, Fox Creek and Whitecourt trails are poor. Riding not recommended in our region.

Thank You Millar Western Forest Products Ltd.


Thank you Millar Western for your 2020/2021 Annual Sponsorship of Goodwin Lake Lookout. It is one of the nicest areas on our trails that provides a great area to rest, but also to play. The lake is fun to ride and play on. We have many of our rally checkpoints at this area and its always a popular stop.

Thank you Millar Western for your support throughout the year as well as with this sponsorship.

Thank You to Blue Ridge Lumber-West Fraser


Thank you for your annual sponsorship of the Shiningbank Lookout and Groat Creek Lookout.

These are two beautiful lookouts with great views of our forested areas. These lookouts are popular resting points for groups of sledders. The Groat Creek Lookout is a quick stop. The Shiningbank Lookout boasts a great view of the area of Shiningbank. You can see the mountains from one area of the lookout. Always a treat to stop, rest and have a weiner roast.

Thank you Blue Ridge Lumber-West Fraser for your support on the trails and our rest areas.

Trail Report March 10, 2021


Trail Report March 10, 2021-Spring riding
South Side: We received 4-6″ out on the south trails. People are still riding out there. It’s a bit rough to get in, but once you are out, they are holding up. Trail is good to Tom Hill Tower from the Bessie and Manweiler Trails. The snow cat was out recently up to Tom Hill. Summit area has fresh snow as well.
North Side: Trail system has logging on Golden Triangle sections from L to O and also logging from Chickadee Burner to Gundy Cabin. Trails are not closed, but take caution. The Carson Trail (#6-#9) is open, but low snow from equipment that worked in that area. Our section from the Carson Cabin to Letter O was not cleared or groomed due to not being able to access the trail with the cat (open water and low snow). Very slow going through there with big woops. Reminder there is no access into town from the north side due to river flowing. Please use the Eagle River Staging Area. Enjoy the fresh snow.

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