Season Update and & Trail Report January 21, 2021


Trailblazers Season Update & Trail Report-January 20, 2021

We are awaiting snow for our Annual Family Rally on Family Day Weekend. As you maybe aware, we have low snow levels, but are hopeful for a couple of dumps of snow within the next couple of weeks. In addition, we are under strict COVID Regulations. As of today, we can only have 10 people in an outdoor gathering, therefore it makes it tough to host a 400 person rally. We are unsure what the government will do in the coming weeks. Therefore, February 2, we will advise the status of the Rally for the 2021 season. Please visit our Website, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter for updated information.

Trail Report

Snow Levels – low as we have seen above 0c temperatures for numerous days after the last snowfall of 3-4″ (2 weeks ago).
Hazards – Early season – ruts, rough trails. Major waterways are not frozen and extremely rough and freezing in slabs. We’ve had major winds and a snow squall through our area. Please advise us of any dangerous trees or trees down in our area. Take a pic with Theodolite App, if you have it or please try to gps/landmark the location. We appreciate any work done, if you are able to move the tree to the side- thank you.
Grooming – We have started filling creeks and low areas. We need more snow to groom.
Staging Areas – closed due to low snow levels

Thank You Brads Picker Service for Hauling the Snow Cats


Thank you to Brads Picker Services Ltd for donating the cost of hauling the snow cats to their storage areas. It was a beautiful blue- bird day and we are happy they will be out doing their job soon! Keep praying for snow everyone!!!

Trail Report January 14, 2021


We received approximately 3″-5″ of fresh snow on the trails. Riding is not recommended. “Early riding conditions”. If you ride please use extreme caution.

Grooming: we will be taking the snow cats out to fill ruts, creeks and lower areas in a few days. We will work where we can as per the snow level in that area. Please beware of snow cats working day or night. No grooming at this time, we need more snow.

Snow: Levels vary on the system. Anywhere from 4″ – 10″ of snow.

Staging Areas: Closed

Hazards: – Logging in the north end of trail near Virginia Hills. Connector from Fox Creek to Whitecourt area. All large waterways are not frozen and are very broken up with big slabs, freezing very rough. Do not cross.

Golden Triangle:
Fox Creek-All trails are groomed. 4″ of new snow. Logging is happening on the Whitecourt connector of Golden Triangle.

Swan Hills – 3-4″ of fresh snow. Trail cleaning is still in progress and the snow cat has been out to the Branch Road on the Tamarack Loop and back. Some spots of snow was just barely enough to fill creeks, so be careful.

Thank You Strydhorst Enterprises for your second location for our Season Sponsorship


Thank You Kim & Geoff Strydhorst Enterprises for sponsoring the Eagle River Staging Area!  You are a very gracious sponsor with the staging area as well as the snow cat.  We thank you so much and are so proud that you are sponsoring this beautiful area.  In the winter, we use the staging area to host events, checkpoints and staging for sleds.  

The staging area is a special location, as it is one of the first locations that we can call ours.  Originally, the Alberta Forestry back in the 80’s, developed the area as a post for training, storing fire equipment and for other uses.  Trails were developed and maintained originally by the Alberta Forestry and many of those folks supported the Trailblazers in the development of the Club and our trails.  The Alberta Government Parks and Environment still own the area, but we maintain the recreation area for them and in turn use the area as our staging for snowmobiles in the winter and group camping in the summer.  

Kim and Geoff support us in many ways throughout the season and we appreciate everything you guys do for us!!  Cheers to our partnership!  http://strydhorst.com

Trail Report – January 6th, 2020


We have had no new snow. Sadly we have to wait a while longer. Trails are cleaned, just waiting for the snow.
Snow levels – 2″ – 8″, crusty
Grooming – none
Staging Areas – not open
Hazards – Early riding conditions. Lots-ruts and uneven ground, small waterways-frozen, large waterways – rivers are big blocks of ice, jammed on top of each other, open ice. Do not cross large water ways!!

Please visit www.thegoldentriangle.ca Website or Facebook Page for their report.

Thank You to all of our Season Sponsors


We are very grateful for such amazing community sponsors -Whitecourt you never cease to amaze us!! We want to thank our 2020 and 2021 Season funders, sponsors and trail pass funds. You are appreciated and you help immensely to maintain our trails, facilities and equipment. THANK YOU! Alberta Snowmobile Association, Town of Whitecourt, The Golden Triangle, Woodlands County, Millar Western Forest Products, Strydhorst Enterprises, Trimline Design, Westfraser, JT Enterprises, GM MacRitchie Forest Services, First Choice Truck &Car Wash and Tri Jet Services

Please click on the link to see the Season Sponsors and donators so far this season. Thank You, Thank You all.

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