We are pleased to announce that Doug Hay has joined the Executive for the coming season. Doug is not new to the Executive as he became a member in 1984 and also served on the Executive for many years. We welcome back Doug to our team, we know he will be an asset and will help guide this group in our decision making. Doug has been one of the committed volunteers for many many years and also has rarely missed a General Meeting. Thanks for putting your name forward Doug.

President – Roxanne Brown

Vice President – Jason Forseille

Treasurer – Shirley Picard

Safety Co-Ordinator – Jamie Robertson

Industry Liaison – Jeff Brooks

Membership Co-Ordinator – Elaine Gunderson

Facilities Co-Ordinator – Robin Sebo

Trail Boss-south – Don Price

Trail Boss-NE – David MacLeod

Trail Boss-NW – Doug Hay

We are truly going to miss the expertise and knowledge of our Past President-Dan Guenette, he has moved to BC and we wish him all the best in his retirement.