Thank you to our 2019/2020 Executive


As you are aware, the Whitecourt Trailblazers Executive works very hard throughout the year, but especially from September to April. Every year there are always some blips and adversities and this year was no exception. We will however, not remember this year as any other year that the 2020-40th Anniversary Sled Invasion. It was a great year, with a lot of hard work from our committee members with over 1000 volunteer hours. The year started off very wet and we had many difficult times with this, but it did harden up and our rally was super. With that, came a great couple of months of sledding in our area. Thank you to all of our Executive who worked hard and made our season successful.

Thanks a bunch to you all:
Roxanne Brown (President)
Jordan Forseille (Vice President)
Dan Guenette (Past President)
Shirley Picard (Treasurer)
Elaine Gunderson (Memberships)
Jeff Brooks (Industry Liaison)
Jamie Robertson (Safety)
Don Price (South Trail Boss)
Chet Brewster (North Trail Boss)
David MacLeod (North east Trail Boss)
Cindy Brooks (Administration/Promotion)

(Please note, our AGM is on hold, therefore the members will be still holding their positions until an election can happen). Thank you. We will be looking to fill 2 vacancies at the next election, please contact us for more information.

Jordan Forseille (Vice President)

Dan Guenette (Past President)

Chet Brewster and Don Price – Trail Bosses

Jamie Robertson (Safety)

Elaine Gunderson (Memberships)

Jeff (Industry Liaison) and Cindy Brooks

Shirley Picard (Treasurer)
David MacLeod – always working-Trail Boss

Congratulations on 40 Years


On February 14th we were presented with this Certificate of our 40th Anniversary by Martin Long, MLA, West Yellowhead . Congratulations to the Club and all the volunteers. We are pretty proud of our Club and all of it’s accomplishments for organized snowmobiling in the community and province.  

Thank you 2020 Trail Pass Purchasers


We want to say thank you to everyone who purchased an ASA Membership Trail Pass this past season and as well a thank you to those who purchased a Day Pass to ride our trails.

We sold over 400 Trail Passes and over 500 Day Passes this year. We get a percentage of the passes, which helps us to maintain and groom our trails. The other portion goes to the Alberta Snowmobile Association which in turns helps us to pay for insurances, education, administration and also in years past, helped to build up a fund that we could access for bigger projects such as trail development.

A special thank you to all of the locations in Whitecourt that sold Trail Passes for us – RPM Powersports, Adrenaline Powersports, Whitecourt Service Centre, IGA, First Choice Truck and Car Wash and Kanata Esso. In addition, Trailblazer members sold passes. A big thank you to Elaine Gunderson, who is our Executive Member who manages the Trail Pass sales for our Club and has done so for many years. Did you know, we also sell passes on line?

THANKS everyone and see you on the trails next year. 

That’s a Wrap – Special Thank You to our Snow Cat Operators & Trail Maintenance Crew


We want to thank all of the guys who work tirelessly on our trails every year. There are many hours in the day and the night that they go out and get the trails groomed for us. We have the best group of guys that will go out in all types of weather and conditions to get the trails smooth and knock down the moguls the best they can. Thank you, Thank you!!! We had a slow start to our season, with the wettest conditions, right up until the rally. We didn’t have the opportunity to groom as much as we wanted to, but the rest of the season hardened up and we were able to get out more. Amazingly, we were still sledding up until last weekend. Not only do these guys groom, but they do most of the trail cleaning, maintenance, snow cat maintenance, signage and general clean as well. Well over 500 hours of trail cleaning and 400 hours + grooming. We were down one cat all season, you guys did the best you could with what you had, transporting back and forth. We will be back bigger and better next year with 2 snowcats. Let’s hope for snow and decent weather in 2020/2021. Thanks to our crew of guys – Dave Newbury, Jim Hearn, Derek Rooks, Don Price and our helpers Bill Seymour and Verne Taylor. We have members in the Club who also help out as well throughout the season with all kinds of different tasks on the trails, at our facilities (cabins and sheds). A big thanks to you all for a super season!

Golden Triangle Iron Sledder Challenge


Congratulations to all the folks who participated in the Iron Sledder Challenge. The Challenge was promoted to invite riders to participate in 4 out of 4 Rallies on the Golden Triangle Trail System – Fox Creek Northland Sno-Goers’ Rally, Whitecourt Trailblazers’ Invasion, Swan Hills Snow-Goers’ Rally and the Snow Rush. We also awarded riders who participated in 3/4 Events on the Golden Triangle with the Golden Sledder Award. Riders registered at each of the Rallies and then were invited and awarded their medals at the Snow Rush Event March 7.

We were pleased to present the following people with MEDALS and BRAGGING RIGHTS at the Snow Rush Event on March 7, 2020:

IRON SLEDDER CHALLENGE (4/4 Events on Golden Triangle) – Roxanne Brown (Whitecourt Trailblazers President), Brent Cmoc (Swan Hills Snow-Goers President), Doug Hay, Shayne Hay, Conner Naslund, Natasha Hopp, Nick Hopp, Mel Vader and Gary Barber

GOLDEN SLEDDER CHALLENGE (3/4 Events on Golden Triangle) – Debra Hay, Derek Rooks, Sean Hay, Kellie Hay, Brad Benesch, Kim Benesch, Kara Benesch, Carolynn Soch, Kallie Soch, Lonny Lipka, Rob Boychuk, Chelsea Boychuk, Donny Boychuk, Caitlyn Boychuk, Cheyenne Boychuk and Derek Snow

Congratulations to everyone that completed the challenge, it is a tremendous feat. Get involved next year, as we will run the challenge again. We challenge you to register at your first Golden Triangle Rally in 2021. PS: We had a few kids under the age of 18-good for you guys!!

Iron Sledders – Mel Vader and Gary Barber
Iron SleddersBrent Cmoc, Nick Hopp, Natasha Hopp,
Conner Naslund, Shayne Hay & Doug Hay,
Presenter: Don Kelm (Swan Hills Snow-Goers)
Golden Sledders – Boychuks – Chelsea, Rob, Caitlyn, Cheyenne Donny
Iron Sledder – Roxanne Brown

Golden Sledder – Derek Rooks
Golden Sledder – Derek Snow

Golden Sledder – Kallie Soch and Carolynn Soch
Golden Sledder – Lonnie Lipka
Golden Sledder Kara, Kim and Brad Benesch

All trails closed in Alberta for OHV due to Fire Ban and Covid 19


The Government issued a temporary fire ban and a ban on off-highway vehicle use within Fire Protection Areas. Both take effect on April 15th. They are wanting to limit human caused wildfires during the pandemic and believe both will peak about the same time.

PLEASE NOTE: OHV = sleds (confirmed by ABP&E)

For more information, please see a couple of the articles speaking to this:

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