Golden Triangle Snow Rush Event


Golden Triangle Snow Rush Event
March 7 & 8, 2020
In Partnership with Teen Challenge Alberta

March 7 & 8th marks our second annual Snow Rush Event. We are super excited to be hosting this event with the snowmobile clubs of Swan Hills Snow Goers and Fox Creek Northland Sno-Goers. Our event partnership with Teen Challenge is in promotion of the trail system and encourages people to ride for a purpose, which is the fight against addiction that affects so many people we know and love.

Our intent is that people get out and ride on the Golden Triangle during this weekend. We hope that riders will participate in the cause and will attend the dinner on Saturday evening which provides hope and encouragement to students who are currently in the Teen Challenge program. This year, we have 3-three people from Whitecourt area who are in the program – which consists of 25% of the intake for the centre right now. Did you know that the success rate for Teen Challenge is 55% after 5 years of being free from the addiction; there is hope for many individuals and their familes. Please come and support the cause. We are holding a dinner on Saturday, March 7 at 7:00pm at the Seniors Hall, catered by Mama Gray’s Kitchen – $35.00. If you are interested in riding or attending dinner please register online at www.tcsnowrush.ca or please call Cindy at 780-706-5267 for more information.

This event is also the 4th Event on the Golden Triangle as a part of the Iron Sledder (4/4 rallies) and Golden Sledder Challenge (3/4 rallies). If you have not registered for this challenge and you qualify as you have rode in the rallies in Fox Creek, Swan Hills and Whitecourt, please contact Cindy to register for your medal and presentation. Presentations will be made at the Teen Challenge dinner. If you are unable to attend the dinner and qualify for the medal, please contact Cindy to be presented with the medal for your challenge at another time and location.

A big thank you to our Golden Triangle Consortia that is our main funding partner for the Golden Triangle and is made up of the Towns of Whitecourt, Swan Hills and Fox Creek and Woodlands County, MD of Greenview and Big Lakes County.

Trail Report – February 28, 2020


Trails are holding up, weather has been warm during the day and cool at night. We groomed the north trails last week and again this week, with a focus on the Golden Triangle system. We have the Gundy leg to finish. Snow is deep in many areas. South side was not groomed this week, but will be in the next week. Fox Creek Golden Triangle complete and Swan Hills complete up to letter B and letter D to be finished first part of the next week. We would love to have you on the Golden Triangle Trail System the weekend of March 7 & 8th. For more information about the Snow Rush event please visit our website at www.thegoldentriangle.ca

What a show!! Freestyle Shows downtown Whitecourt


Two shows downtown Whitecourt, pretty amazing. They were one of a kind shows and Octane Addictions did a spectacular job. Have to love Willie, Cody and Shad. What they do is pretty gutsy and looks like a heck of a lot of fun!!! Thanks Tyler for managing the group and getting them to the show. What’s better was that the shows were free, because of our sponsors. Thank you to our Gold Sponsors: Pembina Pipeline, Tri Jet Services, KAPS (Keyera) and United Rentals. Silver Sponsors were Scott Safety, Greystone Electric, Ralcomm, Millar Western, Strydhorst Enterprises, Bronze: Infratech, First Choice Truck & Car Wash, ANC, Herc Rentals, All Around Fencing Community Sponsors: UFA, Kanata, Microtel, Travelodge, Adrenaline Powersports. We also had some pretty amazing companies with all the last minute adjustments – Town of Whitecourt helped us with clean up on the Freestyle, GFI Crew, Stratty, Whitecourt Service Centre, RPM Powersports, Shuck Girls & Friends, Rev Volleyball Group for helping with the fencing and banners. Thanks to the Brick and Servus Credit Union for hotdogs and hot chocolate. MOST OF ALL, THANK YOU TO THE VOLUNTEERS THAT CAME OUT TO SET UP AND TAKE DOWN. AMAZING JOB EVERYONE. WE PULLED IT OFF!!  Thank you to everyone who came to the show and to all those who bought 50/50 tickets to support us and who supported our local Food Bank!!!

Trail Report – February 21, 2020


Both trail systems in the north and south have been groomed. Watch for the snowcat 24/7. North side #2 to Gundy and #2to 18 not done. Also the trail from Carson Cabin to Letter O was just cleaned again but not groomed. South side Tom Hill Tower Trail not groomed.

Thank you to all of our Checkpoint Sponsors and Volunteers for the Rally


What an amazing weekend during the rally!!! We had 591 registered sledders on Saturday and Sunday- 298 riders = close to 900 in total. So many people to thank for coming out. We had Alberta Relic Rider Sleds at the Canadian Tire Welcome Centre, Stan Roszko brought vintage sleds to the Town of Whitecourt Checkpoint. Thanks to everyone else who brought sleds to display or rode on vintage sleds! Day 1: Thanks to Keyera (KAPS) for Checkpoint 1, the Town of Whitecourt Checkpoint #2, Martin Motor Sports-#3 and RPM-#4 for your checkpoints and vintage sleds. Checkpoint 5-Canadian Tire. Day 2 we had at Checkpoint #1 – Keyera (KAPS), Checkpoint 2 & 4 – Riderz, Whitecourt Service Centre and Goondockers. At Checkpoint 3 we had Adrenaline Powersports, Checkpoint 5 – Canadian Tire. Thank you to all of our checkpoints!! Thanks for registering cards, keeping track of the cards and riders, food, drinks, draws, fires, socializing, sweepers and organizing prizes. MOSTLY THANK YOU TO ALL OF OUR VOLUNTEERS WHO HELPED AT THE CHECKPOINTS ON THE TRAIL AND IN THE HALL. We could not have asked for a better day and support from all of our sponsors and donators–2 great rally days.

Iron Sledder/Golden Sledder


If you are interested in being a part of the Iron Sledder or Golden Sledder Challenge, please leave us a message either through the Whitecourt Trailblazers, Swan Hills Snow-Goers or Fox Creek Sno-Goers Facebook pages, websites or at the rallies there is a registration sheet. We have about 15 people registered already. It is going to be awesome to crown challengers, will it be you??

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