31 Dec 2013


Grooming has begun on the North side of the Athabasca, Gundy trail and the Athabasca loop have been groomed this week. There are LOTS of droopers on the ungroomed trails. These are a huge hindrance to the operators, if you ride the trails, please stop and cut one or two, they are mostly small and take a minute or two with the folding handsaw that everyone should be carrying. The Summit trail and Goodwyn Lake loop were groomed but both machines are on the north trails making up time. Golden Triangle is currently impassible due to blow down and drooping trees the goal is to have the whole trail groomed by 01 February.

Trail Report for Dec 12/13


Sorry about the late Report

Eagle river staging area is open and is plowed out.

The north trails are open but not groomed, we had a small hiccup with the groomer and hope to have it fixed and working by tomorrow morning.  Please ride with caution while riding on the north trail, if we get the groomer going it is possible that we will be grooming all weekend 24hr.

The south trails have been groomed to the south, including the Goodwin Lake Trail, The Summit Trail, the Manweiler Trail to the River and to the Groat  Creek Staging Area. The Trail to Silver Summit has only been groomed to KM 10.

Extreme Caution is required during early season riding. Swamps, Beaver Dams, Creeks, Lakes, Rivers, are NOT frozen under the snow. It is NOT recommended to cross any wet areas / water ways. Riders should use the entire width of the trail system (from tree line to tree line) in order pack the snow and drive the frost down into the ground in preparation for the upcoming grooming season.

Also please remember to buy your Trail Passes, annually Whitecourt Trailblazers volunteer hundreds if not thousands of hours to maintain trails. We own two Groomers with an approximate cost of $200000EACH and last season we spent approximately $32000 to groom the trails for the season!!

Your Support is Appreciated

Trail Passes are available from Whitecourt IGA, Adreanaline Powersports, RPM Powersports and any club member.

Trail report Dec 5th


Trail Report

The summit trail and the Goodwin lake trail have both been groomed!! The Manweiler trail has had the creeks filled in but not groomed yet.

The trails north of town have not been groomed with the extreme winds we had , we have recieved a few messages saying there were trees down in a few different spots on the north trails. The trails are still open and have a good foot of fresh snow on them from this weeks storm, but please ride

with caution!!

We are trying to get a crew together to re clean these trails this weekend.

There is still some open water on creeks and ponds, ride responsible!  Riding on waterways are not advised!

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