We are happy to update you with our first Trail Report.  We recently finished trail cleaning the 485kms and have just moved the Snow-cats to their winter homes. Thank you to all the folks involved trail cleaning and moving our cats.   We hope to start filling this week and with any luck we will receive a decent amount of snow to start grooming.  We are hoping to have some trails groomed for Christmas, however, that depends on mother nature helping us out “A LOT”.  We currently have 4-10″ on the trails.  We know everyone is excited to get out and so are we. HAZARDS of all waterways-THEY ARE NOT FROZEN, some debris and ruts on trails remain.  Another important reminder at this time of year is to stay on the trail especially in cut block areas or areas that trees have been recently removed.  You never know what is under the snow (stumps and bumps may remain and our sleds will not be happy).    You will notice the area around the Whitecourt Airport is cleared, please stay on the new trail.  We do not recommend riding at this time. 

Please stay tuned for our “Weekly Trail Report” shared on Thursdays by 6:00pm.  We share the information on our Website, FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter and through this newsletter.  At times, a lot can happen between Thursday to Thursday, so please check our pages for updates.  Occasionally, we will do a 2nd report after the weekend if there have been major changes.  In addition, we do a report for our Local Radio Stations – XM105FM and 96.7FM which are aired every night at approximately 5:00pm.  Remember that the radio updates are only updated one time a week, so understand again, that many things can happen in one week. 

Everyone get doing the snow dance, prayers or whatever you do.  It’s coming………..