We are searching for vintage sleds and gear to display at our 2020 Sled Invasion rally checkpoints. Vintage items would be displayed at our checkpoints that we will designate as a decade eg: 60/70’s, 80s, 90s. If you have any gear or sleds that you would be willing to display please contact us. We would ask that you take your sled into the checkpoint and then pick it up at the end of the day; you do not have to stay, just deliver and pick up.

Alberta Relic Riders Club will be here at the 40th Anniversary Sled Invasion on Friday night for our World Record Breaking Snowmobile Parade as well they will have a display of their sleds on Saturday.  Make sure to check them out and for more information you can go on their Facebook Page for updates.  

STV 2015 (starting at Minute 2:00) they have a clip on the Relic Riders and 2015 World Snowmobile Invasion.