Trail Report for Jan 5/15
Trail Conditions
South trails were Groomed between Christmas and New Years including Groat Creek Canyon Trail, Goodwin Lake Trail, Summit Trail and the Manweiler Trail to the River.
New Snow has made for great trail conditions
South groomer is planned to go out before the weekend if the weather warms up slightly
North trails have not been groomed but the North/East have been checked and cleared. Caution is still advised with the early snow conditions there are still a lot of leaning trees and weak trees along the trail that could fall with more snow.
North trails are a little choppy in spots but make for some great riding!
Gundy is still not passable with the groomer and we are organizing a group to try and go clean that trail this weekend, if your available we will be meeting at the Ritz @8am on Saturday
The North snowcat is operational but we are waiting for the weather to warm up to mid -20s before we send it out
Please use Extreme Caution when crossing water including rivers, lakes, ponds and streams
Next Club meeting Jan 14/15 @7:30pm at the Whitecourt Legion