RECOMMENDATION: Season has begun!!! Please ride on the sides of the trails, not in the middle as this helps with grooming and keeps trails in better shape. We have about 18″ of snow on the trails.
TRAIL CLEANING: Trail cleaning is mostly done. The blowdown area on the Groat Creek has to be cleaned; it’s too wet to get into. If you turn north at #48 there is access to Goodwin Trail and Summit Cabin from the Groat Creek Trail. If you can take a hand saw and clear away any hangers that is helpful for the snowcat when grooming. The Snow Cat is working in the northern system area filling wet areas and ruts.
CONDITION OF TRAILS: Trails are not bad, we can always use more snow. Please use caution when riding as ruts are still present.
HAZARDS: All waterways, creeks and muskeg are not frozen. Muskegs are very wet still. If you come across ribboned areas, please use caution.
GROOMING: South side: Goodwin and Summit to Cabin from town were groomed this week. Manweiler and Bessie Trails are packed and creeks filled. North side: Has not been groomed as we are still working on it.
STAGING AREAS: Eagle River & Groat Creek Staging Areas are being opened today.
USE CAUTION: Please beware, that we have industry working in the south and north in various locations.
TRAIL/MEMBERSHIP PASSES: Don’t forget to buy your Trail or Day Pass prior to going out. $80 before January 1 after that they are $90. Your support helps us to groom and maintain trails. Don’t forget to pick up a Sled Raffle Ticket as well at our participating dealers and stores.