We want to thank all of the guys who work tirelessly on our trails every year. There are many hours in the day and the night that they go out and get the trails groomed for us. We have the best group of guys that will go out in all types of weather and conditions to get the trails smooth and knock down the moguls the best they can. Thank you, Thank you!!! We had a slow start to our season, with the wettest conditions, right up until the rally. We didn’t have the opportunity to groom as much as we wanted to, but the rest of the season hardened up and we were able to get out more. Amazingly, we were still sledding up until last weekend. Not only do these guys groom, but they do most of the trail cleaning, maintenance, snow cat maintenance, signage and general clean as well. Well over 500 hours of trail cleaning and 400 hours + grooming. We were down one cat all season, you guys did the best you could with what you had, transporting back and forth. We will be back bigger and better next year with 2 snowcats. Let’s hope for snow and decent weather in 2020/2021. Thanks to our crew of guys – Dave Newbury, Jim Hearn, Derek Rooks, Don Price and our helpers Bill Seymour and Verne Taylor. We have members in the Club who also help out as well throughout the season with all kinds of different tasks on the trails, at our facilities (cabins and sheds). A big thanks to you all for a super season!