Our Treasurers have kept us on track all these years and thank you for monitoring, balancing and keeping us in good credit and with funds to host events, trail clean and groom. We have had many wonderful folks the past 40 years. As with any Treasurer’s job, it is always more than just paying bills. They have attended all the meetings, voted, advised and recommended to our committees what it costs to run a non-profit organization as well as a snowmobile club. Reports, grants, licenses and day-to-day business are a big part of the job as well. At times in the past,  the Treasurer would also hold the secretary position, which is another big job.  Thank you to all of our Secretaries who have kept minutes and also helped with other admin duties.  

Thanks to all of our Treasurers/Secretaries for your dedication, thoroughness and administrative skills:
1981-82 Grant Mollberg – Treasurer/Secretary
1982-83 Dale Robinson
1983-84 Leo Zelinski – Treasurer & Dale Wilkinson-Secretary
1984-85 Leo Zelinski – Treasurer & Jim Halawell-Secretary
1985-86 Lorraine Dyer/Susan King (Secretary)
1986-87 Lorraine Dyer & Annetta Lanctot (Secretary)

1987-88 Peggy Macdougall & Annetta Lanctot (Secretary)

1988-89 Pat Vanberg & Annetta Lanctot (Secretary)
1989-91 Jim Halawell-Treasurer & Cindy (Secretary)
1991-93 -Joan Slootweg & Lee Henkel (Secretary)
1993-94 – Darlene Quinn

1994-2013 Elaine Gunderson & Karen Manweiler-Secretary (1994-2012)

                                                     -Aaron Munro (2012-2014)

2013-Present Shirley Picard & Suzanne Carlson-Secretary (2014-2015)

                                                    -Cindy Brooks (2015 – present)

All of these volunteers have been involved in many other volunteer efforts – Rallies, Fundraisers, promotions & publicity and other events along the way. Being a Treasurer and Secretary puts you at the helm of knowing a lot about the club and it’s happenings. Thank you everyone for your volunteerism. 

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