Doug Hay moved to Whitecourt from Cranbrook/Ponoka in the early 1980s. He came with his family Debra, Sean and Shayne. They became Trailblazer members shortly after that and are still to this day. Doug has been on the Executive in almost every position – President (1988/89), Trailboss, Snowarama Co-Ordinator, Rally Co-Ordinator, Safety and others. Deb was always there as well helping out with the events, projects and his positions. Doug has worked on many Trailblazer projects throughout the years and thank you for that.

Doug and the boys have been very involved in trail cleaning. Many years ago, he and a group of fellows cleared the trail around town and to the Athabasca. They built a few bridges and provided access for folks to get out of town. Later the town took over some of those trails (Centennial Park). Doug has adopted a trail south of town and is still known to go out and clear trails.

In the 80’s/90’s, Doug was involved in a group called the “Wild Ones”, AKA Spiced Rum Group. They liked to get together and shoot the breeze and just have a good time. They use to love to work at a checkpoint for the rally; they served chili and beverages for a few years.

Doug rides an Arctic Cat 800 and rides at least 1500 kms a season. He can be found mostly on the trails around Whitecourt, but in the past, he use to go to the Mountains and he really liked to go to Yellowstone.

Doug, Deb, Sean and Shayne are all still involved with the Trailblazers. Doug still comes to meetings and it is always a pleasure to see him. Doug comes to the meetings with history and knowledge of what works and what doesn’t and his input is greatly appreciated. Thanks Doug for your work throughout the 40 years and your continued work on the trails and participation/input at the meetings. Happy riding this upcoming season!

Working at the Rally – 80’s
George Vanberg, Doug and Deb