Good Morning

The South Groomer is going out today!!!

It has been deemed that the snow we received over the weekend should be enough to go and fill in creeks. The groomer will be filling creeks over the next couple days. So if you are planning on riding in the south please drive with caution and watch for the groomer.

If you are riding on any of the trails please carry a small folding hand saw, this way you can help us out by trimming any leaners or branches that have fallen on the trail. If you do come across a large tree down on the system please try and flag it if you can, if you could also record the GPS location of the tree we will send someone out with a large saw to take care of the tree. You can use your phone to get the GPS location by dropping a pin and emailing it to GPS coordinates are a must so that we do not have someone going out to cut a tree by the summit cabin when it was really the Carson cabin that the tree was down at.

Please ride responsible and go out and enjoy yourselves!