Congratulations to all the folks who participated in the Iron Sledder Challenge. The Challenge was promoted to invite riders to participate in 4 out of 4 Rallies on the Golden Triangle Trail System – Fox Creek Northland Sno-Goers’ Rally, Whitecourt Trailblazers’ Invasion, Swan Hills Snow-Goers’ Rally and the Snow Rush. We also awarded riders who participated in 3/4 Events on the Golden Triangle with the Golden Sledder Award. Riders registered at each of the Rallies and then were invited and awarded their medals at the Snow Rush Event March 7.

We were pleased to present the following people with MEDALS and BRAGGING RIGHTS at the Snow Rush Event on March 7, 2020:

IRON SLEDDER CHALLENGE (4/4 Events on Golden Triangle) – Roxanne Brown (Whitecourt Trailblazers President), Brent Cmoc (Swan Hills Snow-Goers President), Doug Hay, Shayne Hay, Conner Naslund, Natasha Hopp, Nick Hopp, Mel Vader and Gary Barber

GOLDEN SLEDDER CHALLENGE (3/4 Events on Golden Triangle) – Debra Hay, Derek Rooks, Sean Hay, Kellie Hay, Brad Benesch, Kim Benesch, Kara Benesch, Carolynn Soch, Kallie Soch, Lonny Lipka, Rob Boychuk, Chelsea Boychuk, Donny Boychuk, Caitlyn Boychuk, Cheyenne Boychuk and Derek Snow

Congratulations to everyone that completed the challenge, it is a tremendous feat. Get involved next year, as we will run the challenge again. We challenge you to register at your first Golden Triangle Rally in 2021. PS: We had a few kids under the age of 18-good for you guys!!

Iron Sledders – Mel Vader and Gary Barber
Iron SleddersBrent Cmoc, Nick Hopp, Natasha Hopp,
Conner Naslund, Shayne Hay & Doug Hay,
Presenter: Don Kelm (Swan Hills Snow-Goers)
Golden Sledders – Boychuks – Chelsea, Rob, Caitlyn, Cheyenne Donny
Iron Sledder – Roxanne Brown

Golden Sledder – Derek Rooks
Golden Sledder – Derek Snow

Golden Sledder – Kallie Soch and Carolynn Soch
Golden Sledder – Lonnie Lipka
Golden Sledder Kara, Kim and Brad Benesch