We are looking for volunteers to clean up the staging area to get ready for our campers this upcoming summer season. Annually, we rent out the staging area to group campers from May until September each year. We have partnered with Alberta Parks and Environment to maintain the campground, which allows us to use the staging area in the winter. Fortunately, we are able to hire a grounds keeper to maintain the grass and clean the cookhouse and washrooms weekly. Thank you Ken Wright for doing such a great job for us.

In order to get started, we like to do a quick clean up of leaves, debris and fallen trees in the area. We welcome kids, parents and grandparents to come and join us for a wiener roast and help out with the clean up. The party starts at 6:00pm and we will conclude around 8:30pm. Join us on Thursday, May 4th at Eagle River Staging Area approximately 2km on Highway 32 North. Bring rakes, gloves, tarps and shovels. SEE YOU THERE, it’s suppose to be 20c during the day. Bring on spring!!