Trail Report – March 15/18


TRAILS: Trails are still in riding shape.  Some bare patches with dirt spots, exposed rocks and debris are now emerging in open areas.  We have received no new snow since March 4th.  We have had above 0c temperatures the past couple of weeks during the day, but in the evening we have been getting negative temperatures.  Lots of snow still remains in the south and NW trails.   PLEASE NOTE:  THE SUMMIT TRAIL IS CLOSED DUE TO LOGGING.  Please use the Goodwin and Manweiler/Bessie Creek Trail.  

GROOMING: Trails were groomed last week. 

HAZARDS: If you are riding, please use EXTREME caution. Please use extreme caution when crossing water areas including rivers, lakes, ponds and streams.  There is “Active Logging” present in our areas as well, please STOP at all signs, where indicated.  Most of the logging roads are now dirt/mud, therefore take caution when crossing.  

STAGING:  It is recommended to stage from staging areas-gates remain open at Groat Creek Staging and Eagle River Staging Areas.





We need to close part of our trail.

NOTICE: Part of the Summit Trail is closed due to logging. Closure is from the Bessie Creek Trail intersection to the Summit Cabin. Please use the Bessie Creek/Manweiler Trails or the Goodwin Trail to get to the Summit Cabin or south trails. Reminder that the Groat Creek Staging area is also open for the Groat/Goodwin Connectors.

Please beware of logging in the south and north. Have a heads up when crossing roadways.

Trail Report – March 1/18


South Trails:
Bessie Creek and Manweiler are in good shape. Goodwin is a a bit rough.

North Trails:
All Golden Triangle Trails have been cleaned and groomed.

We are starting to see signs of low snow in the cut block areas. Beware of Logging Industry in the North and South Trail areas.



Snow levels 10-18″ out there.
Snow is skinny close to town and gets deeper further north west.
North-West/East Side – Snow conditions are ok. There is good coverage throughout the north sections and the creeks have been filled. Trails are passable but caution must still be used. Grooming will start on Monday on Eagle River Casino trail to the Chickadee and the upper Manweiler to be done first. Gundy into Eagle staging on Tuesday. Wednesday we will attempt the Carson Loop. Some trail maintenance will be done tomorrow between the Eagle staging and the Athabasca River with the Sno-Cat.
South Side – Bessie, Manweiler to Bessie Junction and Summit to Cabin are groomed. Manweiler from Bessie Jct to River and Groat Trail have creeks filled and logs removed. Groat Creek crossing impassable so need to use bridge. Summit Trail to Tom Hill clear, but no cat work yet.We are expecting a decent amount of snow in the next week, according to the Weather Network.

Trail Report January 25/18


Staging areas are open. Snow levels- 12″+, we are receiving fresh snow now. Beware: SnoCats will be out cleaning, filling and fixing trails. We have not groomed any trails as of yet–we were waiting for snow. There are some bare trails near Rolly Hills road on the Summit Trail. Caution on creek crossings as they can be bare and icy. WARNING: Logging activity present in various areas.

The Golden Triangle still requires work around Letter O to Swan Hills and around Freeman, Meekwap areas. Fox Creek reporting low snow levels around Virgina Hills. Both Fox Creek and Swan Hills reporting 2′ of snow.

Make sure to get your Snowmobile Raffle Ticket at IGA, Canadian Tire, Adrenaline Powersports, & RPM Powersports.

Please purchase your ASA Trail Pass at IGA, Adrenaline Powersports, RPM Powersports, Kanata Esso, First Choice Truck and Car Wash and TTRC. You can also purchase your Trail Pass through our Website or the Alberta Snowmobile Association Website.




Staging areas are open. Snow levels- 8-12″. Groomers have cleared off logs off of Goodwin, Summit and Carson Trail to cabins and filled areas with snow. They have not groomed the trails. WARNING: Logging activity present in various areas. A big thank you to our groomer operators Don and Dave for getting the trails prepped.

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