Membership update: Trailblazers Season – How the OHS Legislation effects us


Letter from the Executive to membership:


Christmas General Meeting – December 12, 2018


Where: Royal Canadian Legion
When: December 12, 2018
Time: 7:30pm
Wings and Cheer

SnoRiders Article – Best Day Ever – Leo Zelinski


National Volunteer Week April 15-21/18


Thank you to all of our volunteers.  This past season we have logged over 3300 hours.  YOU ARE ALL AWESOME!!

Ride to our next General Meeting -Wednesday March 14/18


Ride out to our General Meeting tomorrow night – Wednesday March 14/18. We are having our next meeting at the Eagle River Staging Area at 7:30pm.

Meet us at the Boat Launch at 6:30pm and we will ride to the Eagle River Staging Area and have our March meeting in the Gazebo. The trails are in pristine shape and it’s a short ride to the meeting. If you aren’t able to ride, drive out and meet us.

Thank you to Don and Dave for such amazing trails. They are in pristine shape, I hear from a very wise man, they are the best he has ever ridden on (he’s in his 80’s – CL). That is a great compliment to you both. Thank you to our volunteers who trail cleaned and had a big hand in the great shape of our trails this past season. We are hoping to be able to ride into April. Also to mention, a big thank you to all those fellows who have worked tirelessly over the past 40 years to plan, develop and maintain our trails over these years – it takes a lot of man hours, it just doesn’t happen. THANK YOU!!

Ride to our Meeting on Wednesday – Feb 7/18


Let’s have some fun. We will be riding out to Eagle River Casino for the meeting on Wednesday. Meet at the Boat Launch at 6:00pm. We will ride to the Casino and have supper and then have our meeting at 7:30pm.

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