Trail Report – February 2/19


A crazy last couple of days with all the snow. We received over 12″ on our trail system. We have a great base, with all the warm weather we had last week.  The trails are in great shape for our upcoming rally in 2 weekends. All trails have been groomed at least 1-2 times. They will be groomed and ready for the rally. Happy sledding everyone.

Trail Report – January 24, 2019


All trails have been groomed and are in superb shape. Carson Cabin to Letter O will be cleaned and Groomed next week.  Please beware of equipment on trails. We have had a few inches of fresh snow this past week. Hope you are able to get out riding this weekend.

Trail Report – January 18, 2019


Grooming – South Side – Groomed (except Summit Trail to Tom Hill)

North Side – Groomed – #6 to Carson Cabin, Chickadee burner to
Athabasca River, 2 -18, 18 to Athabasca Lookout, 19-18. Eagle Staging
bypass has not been done.

Trail Cleaning – Carson Cabin to Letter O has not been cleaned yet (Golden Triangle)
Waterways – Caution on all waterway crossings
Staging – We are recommending leaving from staging areas.


Trail Report – January 7/19


We have received fresh snow this past weekend giving us snow levels from 12″-18″ on the trails. Snowcats are out working on the trails and will also be grooming this week. Lots of untouched areas out there and we are excited to begin the season. Don’t forget to purchase an ASA Trail Pass or Day Pass if you are going out on the trails, it helps to support our trail maintenance and grooming programs. By purchasing a sled raffle ticket, you also help support those programs.

Trail Report – December 17, 2018


RIDING RECOMMENDATION: Riding is not recommended. If you are riding, please use the WHOLE trail, not just the center area

TRAIL CLEANING: Many of the trails are cleaned (most of the south side and parts of the north); however,  we are still working to remove cut trees by dozer.  If you are out, please use caution.

CONDITION OF TRAILS: Trails are in poor condition due to lack of snow (about 6″ on average) and the trails are very rough.

HAZARDS: Numerous hazards on trails associated with low snow levels. All waterways, creeks and muskeg are not frozen.

GROOMING: Trails have not been groomed yet, due to low snow levels.

STAGING AREAS: Eagle River & Groat Creek Staging Areas are locked and not open to the public.

USE CAUTION: Please beware, that we have industry working in the south and north in various locations.

MEMBERSHIPS: Don’t forget to buy your Trail or Day Pass prior to going out. Your support helps us to groom and maintain trails.  As well, don’t forget to pick up your Sled Raffle Tickets as stocking stuffers from our participating stores and dealerships.

Trail Report – December 1, 2018


Snow Levels: We currently have about 3-6″ on the trails
Trail Cleaning: We are diligently working on cleaning many trees that are down, in addition to the overwhelming amount of debris that remains on the trails. This past summer, we have an excessive amount of trees and debris down due to all the blowdown from the summer storms we had. Unfortunately, grooming will not begin until we get the trails cleaned.
Staging areas:Remain closed due to lack of snow

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