Trail Report January 14, 2021


We received approximately 3″-5″ of fresh snow on the trails. Riding is not recommended. “Early riding conditions”. If you ride please use extreme caution.

Grooming: we will be taking the snow cats out to fill ruts, creeks and lower areas in a few days. We will work where we can as per the snow level in that area. Please beware of snow cats working day or night. No grooming at this time, we need more snow.

Snow: Levels vary on the system. Anywhere from 4″ – 10″ of snow.

Staging Areas: Closed

Hazards: – Logging in the north end of trail near Virginia Hills. Connector from Fox Creek to Whitecourt area. All large waterways are not frozen and are very broken up with big slabs, freezing very rough. Do not cross.

Golden Triangle:
Fox Creek-All trails are groomed. 4″ of new snow. Logging is happening on the Whitecourt connector of Golden Triangle.

Swan Hills – 3-4″ of fresh snow. Trail cleaning is still in progress and the snow cat has been out to the Branch Road on the Tamarack Loop and back. Some spots of snow was just barely enough to fill creeks, so be careful.

Trail Report – January 6th, 2020


We have had no new snow. Sadly we have to wait a while longer. Trails are cleaned, just waiting for the snow.
Snow levels – 2″ – 8″, crusty
Grooming – none
Staging Areas – not open
Hazards – Early riding conditions. Lots-ruts and uneven ground, small waterways-frozen, large waterways – rivers are big blocks of ice, jammed on top of each other, open ice. Do not cross large water ways!!

Please visit www.thegoldentriangle.ca Website or Facebook Page for their report.

Thank You First Choice Truck & Car Wash for your Sponsorship


A special thank you to our First Choice Truck & Car Wash Annual Sponsor for our snow cat.

We are pretty pumped to be sharing our sponsor’s names for the Season Sponsorship Program. We want to thank all of our sponsors who have supported us in the past and throughout our season. The snow cat is our older cat, but it is strong and keeps working hard for us. Thank you to the Town of Whitecourt for our storage of the cats and all the help you do for us with the maintenance. In addition, thank you Woodlands County for our winter storage. First Choice Truck and Car Wash are great supporters of ours and it’s fitting that they are our first “Season Sponsors” for this cat. Wayne has helped us out on the cat many seasons and Fred well there’s a seat for you too. Thanks again for your support.
We are waiting for the snow and we will get out there and do what we do best – groom. See you out there soon.

First Choice Truck and Car Wash: Call 780-778-3377 or visit them at

3530 Kepler Street, off Hwy 43, Whitecourt

Trail Report – December 29, 2020


Unfortunately, mother nature is not our friend these days. We have had very little new snow in the past month. Riding is not recommended.

Snow levels: variable on the trails 2″ to 8″

Trail Cleaning: complete as well on the Golden Triangle Connecting trails

Grooming: none

Hazards: many natural hazards present – ruts, small waterways- likely frozen, but take caution, Large waterways-not frozen. Creeks, ruts and other low areas are not filled from the snowcats

Staging Areas: not open due to low levels of snow

Trail Report – December 10, 2020


TRAIL CLEANING/MAINTENANCE: Ongoing, we are almost finished trail cleaning.  If anybody is available, we have one last trail to clean on the north side, please send us a text or response.  When we get snow, we will start moving and filling ruts and creeks.   CAUTION ON THE GOODWIN TRAIL AND SUMMIT TRAIL – We have taken out 2 log bridges and will not be replacing them, but will be filling with snow, please be aware. Caution signs placed by the areas

SNOW: We have received no new snow in 2 weeks.  South side is seeing approximately 4-8″ in various spots.  Snow on the north side is variable as well. 

HAZARDS: There are many hazards – waterways (creeks, muskeg etc) and deep ruts. Waterways are not completely frozen. We need more snow to fill these areas. If you are riding, please ride the outsides of trails to help with packing.

GROOMING: No grooming at this time.

STAGING AREAS: Gates are closed at this time.

TRAIL PASSES: Annual Trail/Day passes can be purchased at IGA, First Choice Truck and Car Wash, Whitecourt Service Centre, RPM Powersports, and Adrenaline Powersports. Also available on our website: www.whitecourttrailblazers.ca

50/50 FUNDRAISER: Don’t forget to help support us in our online 50/50 cash draw.   TODAY IS THE LAST DAY!!  https://rafflebox.ca/raffle/whitecourttsc. The 50/50 is currently over $5000.00 sold.

All trails closed in Alberta for OHV due to Fire Ban and Covid 19


The Government issued a temporary fire ban and a ban on off-highway vehicle use within Fire Protection Areas. Both take effect on April 15th. They are wanting to limit human caused wildfires during the pandemic and believe both will peak about the same time.

PLEASE NOTE: OHV = sleds (confirmed by ABP&E)

For more information, please see a couple of the articles speaking to this:

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