Congratulations Whitecourt Trailblazers


Congratulations to all members!  We were presented 2 awards from the ASA Excellence Awards Ceremony on Saturday, October 17th, 2015 with the Outstanding club of the year and NW Zone – Club of the year.  Nice work all!

Whitecourt Trailblazers Trails


ATV RIDERS!!! Did you know that there is no recreational ATV Riding permitted on our trails or any other trails built and maintained by Snowmobile Clubs in Alberta? Did you know that we- Whitecourt Trailblazers spend close to $100,000 on maintaining trails per year? Volunteers maintain the trails, cabins and lookouts. The less damage that we have on our trails from summer riding the better it is and easier it is for grooming the trails.So, when you are out having fun in the mud and the trails deeply gouged or rutted, we in turn spend a great deal of time fixing them in the fall. If you hear of any Rally’s or events that are not affiliated with the Whitecourt ATV Club or other Official ATV Clubs in Alberta, please do not join the event.

Our Club is not in support of the use of our cabins for such events. The sled club owns the cabins and the dispositions on the location where they are located. PLEASE NOTE: OUR CABINS ARE NOT TO BE USED FOR OVERNIGHT STAYS FOR HUNTERS OR ATV RIDERS!! It is against SRD Regulations and you do not have permission to.

In addition, if you are leaving your house in town, please abide by the OHV Bylaw in place by the Town of Whitecourt. OHV use between December 1 and March 31.

Alberta Snowmobile and Powersports Show


A big thank you to everyone who volunteered at the show. You are very much appreciated. Special mention for our set up and take down team – Luc Mercier, Pam Mercier, ken Linford, Jenn Donovan, Randy Matthews, Nicky Birtles, Troy Birtles, Darrel Strebchuk, Justin Rodgers, Elliott McLean , Dan Guenette, Brad Guenette, Rod Koscielny, Janet Grenier, Darrell Grenier, Cyril Lanctot, Leroy Roth, Nicky White, John White, Danica Sarvas, Jordan Linford, Shirley Picard, Richard Picard, Aaron Munro and Cindy Brooks




We are starting a new program to encourage members to “ADOPT A TRAIL” on our trail system.  Members would clean and maintain the designated area throughout the season.  We are asking members to sign up and become involved. We are hoping to see new members, groups and families participate.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Aaron at 780-779-3372 for more information and to put your name on a trail.

2015 World Snowmobile Invasion Photobook


If you are interested in purchasing a World Snowmobile Invasion Photobook, please contact Cindy@whitecourttrailblazers.ca

2015 World Snowmobile Invasion Canvas



If you are interested in purchasing a canvas please email cindy@whitecourttrailblazers.ca  The cost of the canvas is $37.50.


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