The Whitecourt Trailblazers Snowmobile Club is a not-for-profit group registered under the Societies Act in Alberta founded in 1979. The Club will be celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2015. As one of the largest snowmobile Clubs in Alberta, the Trailblazers are made up of a group of 550 members who donate their time to promote the sport of organized snowmobiling in Alberta.

Whitecourt is the official Snowmobile Capital of Alberta.

The Whitecourt Trailblazers currently maintains 465kms of trail system in the Whitecourt area, including portions of the Trans-Canada Trail System and the Golden Triangle Trail System.


Joining the Trailblazers is easy. When purchasing a Trail Pass from a Whitecourt Trailblazers member or a supporting Whitecourt business, your Whitecourt Trailblazers membership is included. An annual Trail Pass is $80/season (or $70 if purchased before January 1, 2017). Day Passes are also available for $20/day.

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Why you should join:

  • You’ll be joining a community of individuals who love the sport
  • You’ll be part of a social club that gives back to the community
  • You’ll be supporting local trail maintenance and grooming
  • You’ll be meeting new riders and making new friends




The Trailblazers Club is a very active club and is proud of its many accomplishments. For more information on the club history, visit our History Book.

1979 Whitecourt Trailblazers Club established
1981 Trailblazers affiliated with the ASA (Alberta Snowmobile Association)
1982 Alberta Forest Service develops Eagle River Recreation area with 83km of trails
1983 Trailblazers awarded ‘ASA Club of the Year’
1984 Trailblazers host their first ASA Jamboree
1985 Whitecourt recognized as Snowmobile Capital of Alberta
1986 Trailblazers awarded ‘Ski-Doo New Generation Club of Canada’ from Bombardier
1989 Trailblazers host their second ASA Jamboree
1993 Trailblazers take over operation of Eagle River Recreation area and trail system
1994 Golden Triangle trail system opens
1995 Silver Summit trail system opens
2000 Trailblazers host their third ASA Jamboree
2003 Trailblazers purchase groomer
2004 Trailblazers build log cabin on Athabasca Loop and relocate old shelter to Groat Creek Trail
2004 Trailblazers awarded ‘ASA Outstanding Snowmobile Club of the Year’
2005 Trailblazers celebrate 25th Anniversary
2005 Town of Whitecourt officially registers Whitecourt as ‘Snowmobile Capital of Alberta’
2007 Trailblazers lose trail boss Dale Gunderson in a tragic accident on the trails
2007 Trailblazers build new cabin and rest area in Virginia Hills known as the Gundy Rest Area
2009 Trailblazers host their fourth ASA Jamboree along with Sled Invasion – record number of sleds in attendance (900) and record back-flip achieved (Sam Rogers, 117ft)
2010 Trailblazers awarded ‘Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations Excellence Award for Tourism Promotion’
2010 Trailblazers develop and relocate 127km of trail. Trail system now totals 420km. New trails include Groat Creek Canyon Trail, Goodwin Lake Trail and Manweiler Trail. Look-outs established on trail system – Athabasca Look-out, Goodwin Lake Look-out, Groat Creek Canyon Look-out
2011 Jordan Linford recognized at ASA awards for Outstanding Youth Contribution
2012 Alex Manweiler recognized at ASA awards with Sherren Lifetime Achievement
2012 Summit Cabin burns to ground along with woodshed and outhouse
2012 New Summit Cabin opens after many volunteer hours of work led by Jeff Brooks
2012 Club purchases 2nd groomer and drag
2013 Annual Family Sled Rally attracts 715 sledders
2013 New record for trail pass sales. 540 season passes, 621 day passes