40th Anniversary Celebration – Aaron Munro

Aaron Munro has been a member of the Trailblazers for about 10 years. Aaron and Chrissy Munro have owned and managed Adrenaline Powersports Ltd. in Whitecourt since 2010. The business is the hub of information about the Club, it’s members and the trail system. They are the experts with snowmobiles and equipment. They are one of the great places in town that people go to find out about information about riding in our area.

Aaron goes above and beyond for his customers to make sure they have great customer service and that they are provided with the necessary information. He is a great ambassador for the sport and recreation of Snowmobiling. Aaron prides himself in the support he gives the club as well as the support for his customers for parts, repairs and general snowmobile information. A few years back, the Club purchased a display case to hold some of our memorabilia and he is graciously housing our memories in his store.

Aaron has been on the Trailblazers Executive as Secretary, Vice President, President and Past President. Aaron has also adopted a trail and is a great volunteer to jump up and do what has to get done; despite having to run a business. He has leant us equipment, which has also been very helpful at times. We know that it isn’t always easy or at the best of times, so thanks for that.

Aaron and his staff have volunteered for trail maintenance and other projects since the beginning of the store’s operation. The store also helps the Club by selling Alberta Snowmobile Association Membership Trail and Day Passes, sled raffle tickets, rally tickets, merchandise, answering phone calls about the condition of the trails, handing out maps of trails and other information. Adrenaline is a great supporter of the club and it’s activities. They always promote safe snowmobiling. They continue to answer general questions that the public may have about snowmobiling or products to assist with safe riding. Adrenaline Powersports is a major donator for our Annual Family Rallies by donating prizes.   In addition to donations, every Rally, Adrenaline Powersports sponsors, volunteers and organizes a checkpoint and provides riders with food and drinks. They are the Checkpoint that always has the delicious cookies that his mother-in-law bakes. Adrenaline has been a major sponsor and donator for our sled raffles. They have donated a sled in the past, as well they have discounted the club purchase price of our sleds. They have also helped with sponsorships for different events. Aaron is always a great community supporter.  Aaron enjoys riding the trails and is known to head to the mountains as well.

Aaron, Chrissy and Adrenaline Powersports Ltd. we thank you for everything you do and wish you great success always.