Every week we will be discussing an extraordinary volunteer who has gone above and beyond volunteering for our organization over they past 40 years. This week is our:

Cyril has been with the organization almost since the beginning. Cyril worked for the Alberta Forest Service in Whitecourt which helped us in gaining access and the ability to use the trails. He was instrumental in supporting the club through the trails and the Eagle River Staging Area. He joined the club and has been a volunteer throughout the club’s history. Volunteering on the trails, being a liaison between the government and the club, rallies and other events. He has been on the Executive board as well. He is an extraordinary volunteer and he is still volunteering for us, helping out with various events selling tickets, helping with organizing and providing lunches, fires, clean up and any other activities that we need help with. He received the Louise Sherren Lifetime Achievement Award from the Alberta Snowmobile Association and many other Club Awards throughout the years. Cyril still rides and can be seen helping out in other various capacities in our community. He is GOLDEN!!